Meaning of don't give up the day job in English:

don't give up the day job


(also don't quit your day job)
  • Used as a humorous way of recommending someone not to pursue something at which they are unlikely to be successful.

    • ‘It's not very often an outfield player is forced to play in goal but when they do, it 's priceless entertainment. Don't give up the day job, Harry!’
    • ‘Here's a tip to the doorman: don't give up the day job!’
    • ‘This singer should heed the old maxim and not quit her day job.’
    • ‘The supermodel-turned-actress is adequate as eye candy but shouldn't give up the day job just yet.’
    • ‘My advice is that he should not quit his day job.’
    • ‘Many thanks to all of those who submitted captions—just do us a favour and don't give up the day jobs.’
    • ‘Unless you were blessed with the genes of a supermodel or were reciting Shakespearean verse in the womb, there's a lot of truth in the old saying "don't give up the day job."’
    • ‘Some advice for the Bonos and Ronan Keatings of the world: don't give up the day job.’
    • ‘His show involved songs, poetry and acting, and was slated by some at the Edinburgh Fringe—don't give up the day job etc.’
    • ‘Don't give up your day job, darling, because you've got no future in singing, unless it's cleaning up Mariah Carey's dressing room when she stops in town.’
    • ‘If you're a country music hopeful riding the New York subway in search of a break, 'Don't give up the day job' is the kind of advice that'll leave you sobbing into your rhinestone-studded jump suit.’
    • ‘Memo to would-be Erin Brockoviches: Don't give up your day job.’
    • ‘He absolutely murderd an Elvis number—don't give up the day job, mate.’
    • ‘When it comes to me on TV, it's a case of 'don't give up the day job.'’
    • ‘When they tell you not to give up the day job, it's time to get worried.’
    • ‘I said it was the first time I'd been a hairdresser and he joked, 'Don't give up the day job.'’