Meaning of don't mention it in English:

don't mention it

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  • A polite expression used to indicate that thanks or an apology are not necessary.

    ‘‘Thanks very much.’ ‘Don't mention it, dear boy.’’
    • ‘Man, don't mention it; what are friends for?’
    • ‘No, don't mention it; I'm sorry I knocked you over.’
    • ‘‘Please don't mention it,’ Vicki snapped slightly.’
    • ‘‘Please don't mention it again,’ she said plainly.’
    • ‘‘Aw, don't mention it,’ I said, trying to sound cheerful.’
    • ‘‘Oh, that, don't mention it,’ said Karen, with a chuckle.’
    don't apologize, it doesn't matter, it makes no difference, it makes no odds, it is unimportant, that's all right, never mind, don't worry
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