Meaning of don't you know in English:

don't you know


informal, dated
  • Used to emphasize what one has just said or is about to say.

    • ‘I was, don't you know, a great motoring enthusiast in those days’
    • ‘Now Petey's a bishop himself, don't you know.’
    • ‘Used to be in the military myself, but it takes all kinds, don't you know?’
    • ‘Toronto-bashing is politically correct, don't you know, the Rest of Canada's national sport - second only to hockey - and the glue that keeps this country together.’
    • ‘Top it all off with a hat - either a raffia sunshade, a fedora, a trilby or even a Stetson - they're the new sunglasses, don't you know.’
    • ‘Humidity reeks havoc with ones hair, don't you know.’