Meaning of doncha in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdəʊntʃə/


(also dontcha)
  • Don't you.

    • ‘why doncha write me a nice song’
    • ‘dontcha trust me?’
    • ‘They must be from another planet or something, doncha think?’
    • ‘Doncha watch television?’
    • ‘Man, doncha ever announce where you are?’
    • ‘Dontcha just wish every OS included this useful feature?’
    • ‘Bah, geniuses: dontcha just hate 'em?’
    • ‘Don'tcha believe me?’
    • ‘Now don'tcha get all upset.’
    • ‘Kinda obvious, dontcha think?’
    • ‘Doncha love Australia?’
    • ‘Why doncha write in again and let us know how it's going?’