Meaning of donkey's years in English:

donkey's years

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informal British
  • A very long time.

    • ‘we've been close friends for donkey's years’
    • ‘The feeling in the village is really angry, people are very upset because of the amount of people who have played down there, going back donkey's years.’
    • ‘I have lived round here for donkey's years and this seemed to be the worst managed match.’
    • ‘It is the best lead toys collection we've seen in donkey's years and we are expecting that it will attract national collector interest.’
    • ‘But residents are sticking by tradition, claiming housewives have been hanging out their washing across the back alley for donkey's years.’
    • ‘Some people don't even have septic tanks - it's been that way for donkey's years - and will still pump raw sewage into the drains.’
    • ‘Many groups have done it informally for donkey's years.’
    • ‘I know one couple who have lived together for donkey's years, but she is buying the house and he pays his rent - in cash - every pay day.’
    • ‘I felt as if I had known all the patrons for donkey's years.’
    • ‘The " kits " for each experiment had been around for donkey's years.’
    • ‘I have been a member for donkey's years.’
    a long time, an age, ages, ages and ages, a time, a lifetime


    Early 20th century a pun on donkey's ears, with reference to their length, reinforced by the idea that donkeys live a long time.