Meaning of donkey deep in English:

donkey deep


informal New Zealand
  • Seriously or heavily involved, especially in something considered controversial or undesirable.

    • ‘they are donkey deep in this whole sordid affair’
    • ‘It turns out that he was donkey deep in efforts to help this property developer well beyond supporting him for citizenship.’
    • ‘A senior political adviser working was donkey deep in the attempt to embarrass the then Labour leader.’
    • ‘Frank has sunk donkey deep into crime while trying to earn the capital to go straight.’
    • ‘The defence lawyer and her youthful smarty-pants cohorts might have been donkey deep in murder most foul, but they were not entirely guilty.’
    • ‘His boss is in donkey deep with Hollywood, so Joyce needs to be on side with them.’
    • ‘Any discussion of policies and issues gave way to the suspicion the Prime Minister was donkey deep in a conspiracy.’