Meaning of donnishly in English:




See donnish

‘Later in this highly allusive lyric, he goes on to explain donnishly.’
  • ‘When we meet, he is wearing a buttoned up suit and one of the designer's trademark floral shirts, all the while keeping his scarf tied donnishly around his neck.’
  • ‘They seem an unlikely couple, perhaps: she, a petite, girlish 53, with a curtain of dark, waist-length hair; he, donnishly crumpled with a shock of white hair.’
  • ‘The don turns to the others and says, donnishly, ‘Information Theory would inform a mechanical calculator in much the same way as, say, fluid dynamics would inform the hull of a ship.’’
  • ‘All of that provides a rich portrait of an Australia largely remembered as a thing of the past, a family embarrassment dripping with fragile beauties, but then there is the commentary, which is half camp and half donnishly superior.’