Meaning of donor fatigue in English:

donor fatigue


mass noun
another term for compassion fatigue
‘the ‘Crisis in Africa’ appeal raised record donations, despite fears of donor fatigue’
  • ‘But as the civil war drags on, there's a growing feeling of donor fatigue and many aid projects are being hampered by a lack of funds.’
  • ‘But now some other charities are feeling the pinch as donor fatigue sets in.’
  • ‘This proves - if proof were needed - that we are a nation of givers and truly challenges the theory of donor fatigue.’
  • ‘Yet the seemingly endless flow of aid continues while we hear tales of donor fatigue.’
  • ‘The major hurdles we face are a sense of complacency about food security and donor fatigue among the developed nations that fund our efforts.’
  • ‘‘During 2002 and early in 2003, heightened political tensions with key donor countries, as well as general donor fatigue, drastically reduced the flow of desperately needed food aid,’ the magazine said last year.’
  • ‘People trying unsuccessfully to raise money for charitable purposes refer to the phenomenon of donor fatigue.’