Meaning of doobry in English:


(also doobrey, doobrie)

Pronunciation /ˈduːbri/

noundoobries, doobreys

informal British
  • Used to refer to something that the speaker cannot name precisely.

    • ‘you know, the little plastic doobry that covers the connector’
    • ‘I'm not altogether sure what happened to these pellets - I assume they got shipped out elsewhere and turned in to all manner of plastic thingamabobs, doobries and wotsits - but that didn't really matter.’
    • ‘Secondly, it is dependent on the success of its software partners in porting the necessary doobries to its platform.’
    • ‘Something I neglected to mention: Before coming out here, I created two wealth-attractor doobries.’


1970s of unknown origin.