Meaning of doomster in English:


Pronunciation /ˈduːmstə/


another term for doomsayer
‘Oblivion from outer space is a suitably millennial topic, and is something for all the worriers and doomsters to dwell on now the world didn't end last Saturday and the Millennium Bug turned out to be about as threatening as a ladybird.’
  • ‘He had some fun last week with the house-price doomsters, resurrecting some of their 2002 and 2003 crash predictions.’
  • ‘Commentators have staked their reputations on wildly varying forecasts, with doomsters predicting the worst Christmas for 20 years while others remain upbeat with forecasts of sales increases.’
  • ‘But the doomsters predicted disaster - in particular, a sharp fall in personal consumption as shoppers, presumably traumatised by the ordeal, stopped spending.’
  • ‘Even the oil price has let down the doomsters, who predicted that it would rise to between $40 and $80 a barrel.’
  • ‘The doomsters who claimed deregulation would end in tears as safety standards dropped and fearful passengers deserted in droves were proved wrong.’
  • ‘Another is that people were deterred by all those crash warnings, but have now decided that the doomsters were crying wolf.’
  • ‘Two newly published surveys have found, however, that life at work may not be quite as bad as some of the doomsters say.’
  • ‘He said all property is moving quickly and defying the doomsters who forecast a downturn in the economy.’
  • ‘It also attract pessimists, hell-fire merchants, preachers and doomsters.’
  • ‘Too often, doomsters predicting a market crash or siren calls to ‘hot’ investment areas elsewhere rattle the emotions and ruin the plan.’
  • ‘Its well-wishers should keep the faith and prove the doomsters wrong.’
  • ‘But we should not get too carried away by the doomsters.’
  • ‘So does a point come when you get overloaded with black news from green sources, do you sometimes wonder whether there's too much bad news to deal with, and do you have a sneaking suspicion that the doomsters are competing to shock you rigid?’
  • ‘The above analysis, we would suggest, implies the answer is not as straightforward as the sound bite doomsters would have you believe.’