Meaning of door frame in English:

door frame


(also doorcase)
  • The frame in a doorway into which a door is fitted.

    ‘He repaired a number of the items such as a door frame, a window frames and two window sills that he did not feel it was necessary to replace.’
    • ‘The timber framed doorcases have unusual strapwork decoration and pretty teardrop style fanlights above.’
    • ‘A large piece of plastic tacked to the door frame will do the job quite well.’
    • ‘The joint between the door frame and the exterior and interior walls can be as much as an eighth of an inch gap.’
    • ‘I'll do the skirting and door frame tomorrow, and also the bathroom door frame and radiator.’
    • ‘His right hand was raised, almost if he had gone to grab the door frame for support but had forgotten.’
    • ‘Use a scrap piece of wood the same size as the door frame top, and set it in the front of the form to make a frame indention.’
    • ‘Having made his way to the doorway he leans casually against the door frame.’
    • ‘Write a number on each window or door frame and write the same number on its screen.’
    • ‘He stretched, reaching up to the corners of the door frame and hanging from them.’
    • ‘But parts of the eighteenth-century limestone doorcases were ‘not entirely original’ which would ‘allow for a more flexible approach to either demolishing them or allowing them to be dismantled for re-use elsewhere’.’
    • ‘Dublin City Council's own conservation department listed the doorcases for protection in January 2000, but council officials will tomorrow ask councillors to support the delisting proposals.’
    • ‘The council aims to delist the 18th-century doorcases at York Street flats, then knock down the building, despite vehement opposition from residents.’
    • ‘Three hours later the woodshed had acquired a doorcase in strict neoclassical style, with pilasters, triglyphs, and a cornice, and he was looking positively pleased with himself, as he rolled off up the hill to face the music.’
    • ‘The classical doorcase with columns gradually gave way to a bold entrance embellished by carved scrolls.’
    • ‘She literally had to clutch the door frame to keep herself from collapsing.’
    • ‘I looked up in my dresser mirror and saw that she was leaning against the door frame, scrutinizing me.’
    • ‘She stood in the door frame, half way between leaving the house and stepping into the chilly outdoors.’
    • ‘She watched wide-eyed as the man turned back toward her, leaned against the door frame.’
    • ‘As I pass through the door frame, I see four shadows trying to creep secretly up the stairs.’