Meaning of doozy in English:


Pronunciation /ˈduːzi/

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nounplural noun doozies

(also doozie)
informal mainly North American
  • Something outstanding or unique of its kind.

    • ‘it's gonna be a doozy of a black eye’
    • ‘Be sure to check back tomorrow, though, coz that one's gonna be a doozy.’
    • ‘Not that her failure to do so in any way excuses what sounds like a doozy of a temper tantrum on her part.’
    • ‘But there's a doozy of a story about how the car was found.’
    • ‘At any rate, this one's a doozy, and I am going to go so far as to type up the first section to entice you all to buy it.’
    • ‘I can't find the exact quote anywhere yet, but it was a doozy.’
    • ‘I mean, this is really going to be a doozy in terms of these types of cases.’
    • ‘I'm back from my road trip, and as soon as I get my photos developed I'll have some doozies.’
    • ‘It's what I like to call the ‘corporate rubber chicken circuit’, and I've been fortunate enough in my line of work to have attended a few doozies over the past decade.’
    • ‘And we have very, very identical personalities, two Scorpios, and I'm telling you, some of the arguments were really doozies.’
    • ‘And, when it does, the man can expect to have to answer for some real doozies.’
    • ‘And those doozies are just a couple of things that have been left out of or fudged in a single document.’
    • ‘The passacaille that concludes this opera is a doozie, lasting for most of the final scene, and involving two bass patterns in alternation, one descending and one ascending.’
    • ‘If I ever do manage a real entry today it will be a doozie.’
    • ‘He only made one foray into the horror genre, but it's a doozy.’
    • ‘But his next step will clearly be a doozy.’
    • ‘It's a doozy - starts by dropping in over roots, onto a series of downed iron fences, followed by a slightly off camber log hop and then you're heading downhill.’
    • ‘Anyway, as I was on the way to work this morning, he was receiving calls from his listeners about various topics - and one lovely bloke rang up with the following doozy of a comment.’
    • ‘Nonetheless, it gives us closure on a doozy of a story, one with innumerable subplots and shades.’
    • ‘But the other tile-laying design of that year was a doozy.’


Early 20th century of uncertain origin; perhaps a variant of daisy.