Meaning of dorm in English:


Pronunciation /dɔːm/

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  • A dormitory.

    • ‘Shaking his head, he made his way out of his room and into the living room of the dorm.’
    • ‘Cohabitation in a rented apartment is becoming preferable to school dorms.’
    • ‘I walked up the creaky stairs up to the hallway where the dorms were, letting my bags thump behind me.’
    • ‘Besides, it's your last year, and this school has dorms so that you can live there.’
    • ‘Everyone else was inside the school or in the dorms, because it looked like it was going to rain.’
    • ‘During the summer, if we came to the school, we had always hung out in the Quad between the dorms or my room.’
    • ‘The two girls stood waiting patiently for the lift in the small hallway of the dorms.’
    • ‘So for the second time that day, she left class early and walked down the halls to her dorm.’
    • ‘All the way to his dorm room he pestered me about it, and I, quite easily, maintained my silence.’
    • ‘Ducking down to avoid the yellow tape, she crossed the corridor towards her dorm room.’
    • ‘The dormitory was exactly the same size as the rest of the dorms in the building.’
    • ‘I left the dining hall and stormed up to my dorm barely watching where I was going.’
    • ‘I had a pretty good spot and I spent the summer working on campus cleaning dorms and making payments on my credit card.’
    • ‘In classes, in clubs and in dorms, students are exposed to progressives and their views.’
    • ‘In the weeks ahead, they'll be going door-to-door at dorms and fraternity and sorority houses.’
    • ‘Both dorms will have flow meters so students can monitor energy and water use.’
    • ‘When you drive into the city, you see clothes hanging out of virtually every window in the dorms.’
    • ‘My first night there my friend dragged me to a party in one of the nearby dorms.’
    • ‘However, by then we'd bunked on yachts and in shared backpacker dorms.’
    • ‘This was in the late seventies, when we were supposed to be living in dorms.’


Early 20th century abbreviation.