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Pronunciation /ˈdɔːmə/

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(also dormer window)
  • A window that projects vertically from a sloping roof.

    ‘The bright master bedroom has a dormer window to the front and a second window to the side.’
    • ‘With the passing of the Act, politicians promised that homeowners would no longer need to seek permission from the ‘superior’ to install a dormer window in their attic or to build a conservatory.’
    • ‘Despite this it was mostly very original and intact when I got it, with a bedroom with a small dormer window in the attic space.’
    • ‘The double has a built-in sink unit and storage presses as well as a built-in wardrobe, while the single is of medium size with a large dormer window.’
    • ‘The applicant sought to retain the clear glazed windows and openers, which had been installed at first floor level, and a dormer window.’
    • ‘Wooden stairs lead to a bright open landing with timber floors and a wooden ceiling featuring a large dormer window.’
    • ‘The en suite shower room has a tiled stand-in shower, a hand basin and a dormer window.’
    • ‘I lay on top of the trunk and watched the dust drift from the dark of the cedar panelling into the hazy light glowing through the dormer window.’
    • ‘A real bonus of this property is the converted attic, an almost 14 square metre room with a large dormer window.’
    • ‘A single dormer window let in light, and on the wall her clothes hung from hooks.’
    • ‘A dormer window affords sea views while there is also an en suite shower room.’
    • ‘The larger has a dormer window overlooking the rear garden, and the other is used for storage.’
    • ‘All she needs is the rocking chair in that dormer window where she sits all day long, crocheting and watching the neighbors.’
    • ‘The couple also carved out a cozy office from an upstairs closet by again taking advantage of eave space and adding an extra dormer with a window seat.’
    • ‘Our home has a wood floor, cob entryway, three dormers for windows and a door.’
    • ‘After repairing and replacing key house elements like windows and siding, they inserted a dormer, a porch, and a large, elegant steel-and-glass bifold door.’
    • ‘A more ambitious neighbor raised the roof, added dormers, expanded the garage to include space for three cars, and installed a fence to contain their new puppy.’
    • ‘The master bedroom shares the dormer with the home office; an interior window and door allow each space to borrow light from the other.’
    • ‘The poor design and ill proportions of the dormer and bay windows and the visual relationship between them results in a most unsatisfactory appearance.’
    • ‘Daylight enters through large dormers, supplemented by electric light from architect-designed pendant fixtures.’


Late 16th century (denoting the window of a dormitory or bedroom): from Old French dormeor ‘dormitory’, from dormir ‘to sleep’.