Meaning of dosh in English:


Pronunciation /dɒʃ/

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mass noun informal British
  • Money.

    • ‘cycling saves you a heap of dosh’
    • ‘I reckon that he won't shift himself until there is absolutely no money left in the tea caddy where they keep the pension dosh.’
    • ‘Both will get a lot more dosh - our dosh - but their fundamental, fatal flaws will remain.’
    • ‘If your tenant wants to leave, make sure you have already taken that crucial six weeks' dosh as deposit.’
    • ‘But should I be spending dosh replacing stuff if I was about to try and buy a house?’
    • ‘And if you give dosh to rich oldsters, it must be at the expense of someone else.’
    • ‘Any extra dosh makes us more miserable than ever.’
    • ‘If you make a lewd amount of dosh, you deserve it.’
    • ‘If there is dosh sloshing around the Treasury, wouldn't it be better spent on tax cuts for all the young folk struggling in poorly paid jobs, unable to buy a home?’
    • ‘They've got the adventurous outlook of the traditional budget traveller, with one important difference: dosh.’
    • ‘That means one in three cashpoints now extract up to £1.75 from customers for the privilege of gaining access to their own dosh.’
    • ‘More titles, and a Swiss bank account full of dosh, await.’
    • ‘But in this case despite bucket loads of dosh being spent on it the film fails to reach the quality and standards of some his past ventures.’
    • ‘She, without asking, snatched my card wallet (which also contains dosh and other cards).’
    • ‘And you should count yourself among a lucky minority if they grace you with eye contact when they stick out their paw for your dosh.’
    • ‘She needs some dosh cos she wants a new career as a screenwriter.’
    • ‘But it can't be the government's fault, it says, because it has provided oodles of extra dosh.’
    • ‘In truth, the premises are too large and cavernous, the sort of place that would need a lot of dosh spent if it was to have some feeling of intimacy.’
    • ‘So the secret of becoming a big-time writer and making lots of dosh as an independent is to write something that has the same effect.’
    • ‘I felt mortified at some neighbours feeling obliged to cough up dosh.’
    • ‘What he could not promise was any extra dosh in the here and now.’
    cash, hard cash, ready money


1950s of unknown origin.