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  • A collection of documents about a particular person, event, or subject.

    ‘we have a dossier on him’
    • ‘ a dossier of complaints’
    • ‘Inside were various dossiers and files with letters and family documents.’
    • ‘They will be transferred to the Department of Transport with a dossier of evidence about our campaign.’
    • ‘Yes, there are open questions in all the dossiers, certainly, but the greatest number are on the biological sector.’
    • ‘Somehow I managed to get a job with another large theatre organisation, compiling dossiers of information on potential donors.’
    • ‘License plate numbers and full dossiers of car owners will be printed in future issues to come.’
    • ‘She said the complete dossiers along with the evidence were handed over to her office by the police last month.’
    • ‘Now a dossier of evidence is being presented to insurance companies and a police investigation could follow.’
    • ‘He was eventually exposed and arrested but not before compiling a dossier of evidence using hidden cameras.’
    • ‘At one point, a dossier of evidence against him and his management style was handed to council officials.’
    • ‘Detectives needed to build up a dossier of evidence which would show the courts just how prolific they were.’
    • ‘If any of them cares to contact me, I will happily reveal my dossier on this sad affair.’
    • ‘Our report, of course, centers on two dossiers - the first, the dossier of September 24 of last year.’
    • ‘What can they see in the multitudes of dossiers that will inspire an invitation for an interview at a scholarly meeting and eventually a campus visit?’
    • ‘The indictment dossiers were filed with the South Jakarta District Court on Friday and a trial is expected within two weeks.’
    • ‘Review of completed dossiers will begin immediately and continue until the positions are filled.’
    • ‘New dossiers will be added and existing ones updated on an ongoing basis.’
    • ‘On the first floor were thick dossiers on individuals, while the files on the second floor were labelled with dates, some going back to the 1950s.’
    • ‘While the possibility for trials in these cases remains unclear, the dossiers on past human rights violations will remain the property of this nation.’
    • ‘Will the government be gathering dossiers on members of the local women's cooperative for lobbying for federally funded child care?’
    • ‘But one thing is clear: there will not be any more dodgy dossiers or politicised intelligence, even behind closed doors.’
    file, report, case history, case study, casebook
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/ˈdɒsɪə/ /ˈdɒsɪeɪ/


Late 19th century from French, denoting a bundle of papers with a label on the back, from dos ‘back’, based on Latin dorsum.