Meaning of dot painting in English:

dot painting


mass nounAustralian
  • A style of Aboriginal art that makes extensive use of dots of colour.

    ‘he brought dot painting to the attention of the world's influential curators’
    count noun ‘in the great dot paintings, the country is imagined as though seen from above’
    • ‘What is the most striking in this mini art gallery is a dot painting of King Cobra.’
    • ‘Evoking 50,000 years of heritage, Aboriginal dot paintings hang on gallery walls from London to Los Angeles.’
    • ‘The styles in the exhibition are as diverse as the themes, with everything from traditional Aboriginal dot painting to Western landscape painting styles included.’
    • ‘More recent designs have incorporated the patterns and techniques of desert dot paintings.’
    • ‘He had brought world fame to his Anmatjere family with his striking Western Desert dot paintings, and had shaken the hand of the Queen at her garden party.’
    • ‘She applies the finishing touches to an intricate dot painting, its yellow and ochre patterns depicting an ancient Dreamtime story of a kangaroo spirit visiting a desert waterhole.’
    • ‘I've always gone around, talking to aunts and uncles and cousins, and I've asked their advice and their permission to paint traditional dot painting.’
    • ‘I noticed that you were wearing a rather splendid tie, which carried the pattern of an Aboriginal dot painting.’
    • ‘The company's 800 employees offers a plethora of traditional dancing, bush skills, story-telling, and dot painting products, critical to eliminating the formerly chronic unemployment in the region.’
    • ‘Like Indigenous dot paintings, these canvases are a testament to hours of work.’