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Pronunciation /dəʊt/

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  • 1dote on/uponno object Be extremely and uncritically fond of.

    ‘she doted on her two young children’
    • ‘He is a 42-year-old father who dotes on his three children.’
    • ‘He was not my son Joshua's biological father but he doted on him and treated Joshua like his own son.’
    • ‘He appeared to be a father who doted on his children, especially his little girl.’
    • ‘Unlike Kafka, to whom he bears some resemblance, he doted on his father.’
    • ‘To be spoiled and doted on, to take over the bed and the floor and the path.’
    • ‘Most people dote on their grandchildren, spoiling them in the process.’
    • ‘He was a wonderful father, doting on everything, anything, his sons did.’
    • ‘Matt is already an accomplished quarter-midget driver, and his father dotes on him.’
    • ‘I knew from my Aunt Maria that my father had doted upon the beautiful Senorita shamelessly.’
    • ‘He was a strong, loving father who doted on his daughter maybe a little more than he should have.’
    • ‘I know your father doted on you and let you have free rein, but here I run a stricter household.’
    • ‘Her painfully shy, stuttering father doted on her while her more powerful mother spoiled her.’
    • ‘Elizabeth had doted on her, spoiled her, given her everything a little girl can want.’
    • ‘She said her boyfriend doted on baby Savannah and was a good father.’
    • ‘He worked, with a devoted anonymity, in the Museum of Modern Art's Department of Film, cataloguing and doting on the old movies entrusted to MoMA.’
    • ‘Quiet and unassuming, she has been doting on their first grandchild Sophie, who was born two weeks ago, while he has been preparing for the leadership battle.’
    • ‘Before feminism, stifling your personal ambitions in favor of doting on your husband was just a drawback to being a woman.’
    • ‘She works in a local beauty clinic, doting on people and trying to make them feel young and beautiful.’
    • ‘She was a lovely girl with a soft personality who doted on her grandchildren.’
    • ‘She doted on him and gave up work to stay at home and be with him.’
    adore, love dearly, be devoted to, idolize, treasure, cherish, lavish affection on, worship, think very highly of, appreciate greatly, admire, hold dear, prize
    adoring, loving, amorous, besotted, infatuated, lovesick, passionate
    1. 1.1South East Asian with object Lavish (someone) with affection or gifts.
      ‘having an older brother who dotes you a lot is the best thing ever’
      • ‘It is cute to see how much he loves and dotes her and thinks the world of her.’
      • ‘He absolutely dotes his wife and he makes sure she feels it every moment he is with her.’
      • ‘Of course, being my father, he dotes me a lot.’
      • ‘He is a loving, sincere, smart and ambitious guy who dotes me a lot.’
      • ‘He's a sweet man, always doting her with her favorite books and rare flowers.’
  • 2 archaic no object Be silly or feeble-minded, especially as a result of old age.

    • ‘the parson is now old and dotes’


informal Irish
  • A sweet or adorable person.

    • ‘he's gorgeous and the twins are dotes’
    • ‘Rose was married to a dote of a fella’
    • ‘One grieving friend described him as ‘a pure dote.’’
    • ‘They are not yet completely tame but a little love and patience would transform them into two dotes.’
    • ‘He's an absolute dote and he got to know all of the Roses really well.’
    • ‘It's a dote of a place and our little cottage was the best ever.’


Middle English (in the sense ‘act or talk foolishly’): of uncertain origin; related to Middle Dutch doten ‘be silly’.