Meaning of double-chinned in English:


Pronunciation /ˌdʌblˈtʃɪnd/


See double chin

‘An exhibition of saucy seaside postcards aims to take visitors back to an era when blondes were dumb and all mothers-in-law were double-chinned tyrants.’
  • ‘There, a double-chinned commandant told us, ‘No one without a permit goes upriver.’’
  • ‘The only animation in the marquise's rotund and double-chinned face, as she loosens her lips into a perfunctory smile, is to be found in her alert eyes as she looks up from her embroidery.’
  • ‘Daily facial maneuvers will only turn you into your crow's-footed, double-chinned father that much faster.’
  • ‘I'm holding out for a mild-mannered, double-chinned geek still hanging on to some vestige of cool.’