Meaning of double-click in English:


Pronunciation /ˌdʌblˈklɪk/


[no object]
  • Press a computer mouse button twice in quick succession to select a file, program, or function.

    ‘to run a window just double-click on the icon’
    • ‘when you double-click this file it should open’
    • ‘To play the playlist, just select it and hit the play button or double-click on it.’
    • ‘To start, you double-click on the Google icon on your taskbar.’
    • ‘The fast way to open the print queue is to double-click on the Printer symbol in the System tray (located at the bottom right).’
    • ‘The folder window lists all your fonts, double-click on any font icon.’
    • ‘Once you've navigated to the desired day, double-click on the appointment time and a separate window opens up.’