Meaning of double-handed in English:



  • 1Made to be lifted or held with two hands.

    ‘double-handed war axes’
    • ‘He had been struck 20 times with a double-handed axe, a jury at Leeds Crown Court was told.’
    • ‘There are about 30 different combat attacks and combos with double-handed axe, sword or mace.’
    • ‘The famed, double-handed broad axe is a late development, typical of the late 10th and 11th centuries.’
    • ‘The one on the right carried a large mace, whereas the leftmost one held a double-handed axe.’
    • ‘The hilts of Liam's sword was double-handed and wrapped in leather.’
    • ‘They will wear 80 lb of full plate armour to fight with a pollaxe - a long double-handed staff with an axe-like blade.’
    • ‘The fact that blanks may well be experienced by many wielding a double-handed rod matters little; it is, in fact, part of the deal.’
    • ‘Whilst I was doing this, the pheromone thing was working overtime, and Belinda hooked another fish, which put up an incredibly dogged fight, even under heavy pressure from the double-handed fly rod.’
    • ‘He gets out his double-handed sword also.’
    • ‘He drew his blade, a long, double-handed sword.’
    • ‘Clasped before her in her hands, with its point resting on the mahogany wood, was a large, double-handed broadsword - a claymore.’
    • ‘Putting his swords away as well he decided to take a shield and a slightly longer sword, double-handed sword.’
    • ‘The Americans aren't into double-handed salmon rods at all.’
    • ‘Michael had that evening decided to take the Scierra TI 15.1 foot double-handed rod I used earlier and test it.’
    • ‘Here we made the mistake of asking our ghillie, an obvious expert caster, about double-handed fly rods.’
    1. 1.1Using both hands.
      ‘a double-handed backhand’
      • ‘But there was no change of fortunes for the Frenchman as he continued where he had left off finding superb depth with his unorthodox double-handed forehand and backhand.’
      • ‘She is a young girl who carries a powerful forehand, a rock solid double-handed backhand and a drive and determination that is the hallmark of a champion on the rise.’
      • ‘With a big serve and a walloping double-handed backhand, Safin is apt to overwhelm opponents but Haas has some big strokes of his own and to his credit withstood the barrage.’
      • ‘The nation breathed again, only to see Henman immediately play his worst game of the match, a wonderful double-handed backhand from the Croatian and then the weakest of volleys into the net from Henman giving Ancic the advantage once more.’
      • ‘Her double-handed backhand is one of the legendary shots of tennis, and when she and her then fiancé Connors both won Wimbledon with the shot in 1974, it set a fashion that became a trend around the world.’
      • ‘In fact, what clearly upset the Uzbek girl with a fancy to execute the double-handed, cross-court backhand returns was the excellent court coverage of the Thai.’
      • ‘Dokic was fortunate to hold serve at the start of the second set, but in the sixth game the Yugoslav was broken again, Sharapova seizing another opportunity with a fierce double-handed forehand down the line.’
      • ‘The double-handed, ‘stirring a pudding,’ paddle stroke over the bow of the boat was easy to master.’
      • ‘Unfortunately, her senses weren't acute enough and he delivered a double-handed blow, which slammed her to the floor.’
      • ‘The hilt under the bell hand guard was long enough for a double-handed grip.’
      • ‘On the lower and middle reaches, much of the fishing is from boats, as even the most proficient double-handed caster can barely cover half the stream; ‘harling’ large lures over the known lies is often the taking method.’
      • ‘‘And you never will my friend,’ he laughed and shook hands with the American, a double-handed shake that symbolized their friendship.’