Significado de double-headed en en Inglés



  • 1(of a train) pulled by two locomotives.

    ‘I have a strong suspicion we were double-headed, since the train was large, and we were more than able to maintain track speed.’
    • ‘Trains were double headed for most of the day with every possible combination of locomotive.’
  • 2(of a weapon) having two cutting implements, typically one at each end of the shaft.

    ‘a double-headed axe’
    • ‘He was gigantic, bigger then ever before, yelling wildly, brandishing a sword in one hand and a double-headed axe in the other.’
    • ‘He tapped his great double-headed axe, ‘You will need a friend or two at your back!’’
    • ‘Daniels watched as the man chose a double-headed axe.’
    • ‘He held his double-headed battle-ax in one of his hands, walking down the hill they came up from.’