Meaning of double-hung in English:



  • (of a window) consisting of two sliding vertical sashes.

    ‘Horizontal sliding windows are like double-hung windows except that the sashes are located on the left and right edges rather than on the tops and bottoms.’
    • ‘Its major drawback is that it wears quickly and cannot be used where friction occurs, such as the sash channel of a double-hung window.’
    • ‘Similar to a double-hung window, the sashes are made up of an upper and lower rail and 2 stiles.’
    • ‘Old-style, double-hung window frames are drafty by nature, so what you gain in energy efficiency with the double glazing, you may lose in the design of the old windows.’
    • ‘The simulated-divided-light, double-hung windows feature a muntin grid that matches the home's existing window style.’
    • ‘French doors, double-hung windows, and transom windows face the garden.’
    • ‘The room was in need of continuity, so they removed the bookcases, converted the double-hung windows to casement, and replaced the fireplace surround with limestone carved in a Gothic arch.’
    • ‘With double-hung windows, pull the top sash down and paint the bottom part of it first; push it back up and paint the top part of it, then the bottom sash, then the jambs and frame.’
    • ‘Here, pale green plates, arranged along the lower sash of a rarely opened double-hung window, act as a valance for sheer cafe curtains.’
    • ‘Add hand-split roof shakes to create a rough-hewn country character; add double-hung, divided-light sash windows to create a more traditional look.’
    • ‘For example, the original painted double-hung windows were replaced with simple Douglas fir frames, which hold casement and hopper (top-in) windows.’
    • ‘Single-hung is just like a double-hung window, an operable window that consists of two stacked window sashes.’
    • ‘In many of the older homes, there is a space between the windows that contains the weights for the older double-hung windows.’
    • ‘They slumber beneath leaves or a log or loose bark, between boards in an attic or within a gap in a leaky old double-hung window.’
    • ‘By opening up the room with large double-hung windows and a glass door, they gained access to sunlight and views.’
    • ‘Here are two quick and inexpensive ways to secure your double-hung windows.’
    • ‘The gabled roofs, dormers, double-hung windows, and wood-simulating concrete lap siding, offer a residential image in contrast with the surrounding industrial masonry buildings.’
    • ‘Windows with compression seals allow about half as much air leakage as double-hung and horizontal sliding windows with sliding seals.’
    • ‘The lack of internal shutters suggests that there may have been leaded casement windows before the double-hung windows were installed.’
    • ‘The bridge was constructed so that concrete counterweights in each tower raised the span, acting much as sash weights do in an old double-hung window.’