Meaning of double-check in English:


Pronunciation /ˌdʌb(ə)lˈtʃɛk/

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[with object]
  • Check (something) for a second time to ensure that it is accurate or safe.

    ‘he double-checked our credentials’
    • ‘double-check that all windows are firmly locked’
    • ‘They are, in reality, the second opinion that can double-check the records of those most at risk, to ensure their safety.’
    • ‘Everyone has checked and double-checked their tickets, but the grapevine is eerily quiet.’
    • ‘Lotto operator Camelot is now urging all National Lottery players in the Doncaster area to check and double-check their old tickets very carefully.’
    • ‘Wikipedia volunteers will also double-check articles to ensure there is no plagiarism or copyright violation.’
    • ‘We use these benchmarks to coach and mentor individual journalists, helping them to improve their methods for gathering, checking, and double-checking facts.’
    • ‘She spent the next three years checking and double-checking her results before she revealed to her colleagues the existence of these ‘jumping genes’.’
    • ‘While our mechanics are checking and double-checking our aircraft, the pilots start the preflight brief by conducting an ORM check.’
    • ‘Erial was now working on his sword belt, checking and double-checking the fit, the buckles, even the sharpness of his sword.’
    • ‘Checking and double-checking the pulleys and lifts, he was ready.’
    • ‘He was caught when his specimens were double-checked by a second and more reputable source, and the inconsistencies started to spill out.’
    • ‘He checked the formulas and double-checked the ingredients.’
    • ‘Following each survey, the transcribed voice recordings were double-checked for accuracy and subjected to a customized computer check program.’
    • ‘A registered surveying firm double-checks important calculations and building baselines to ensure compliance with the rigid construction tolerances.’
    • ‘After double-checking the remaining gauges up front and conducting a leak check in back, we concluded it must be an electrical problem.’
    • ‘It's a catalogue of common mistakes people make when trying to think logically, and is of great help when double-checking your own thinking.’
    • ‘She could not believe her luck until she had her numbers double-checked by a family member after watching the draw on TV.’
    • ‘The overpayment came to light when government officials double-checked the data from the 2001 Census.’
    • ‘If not, then maybe it's time to double-check the source.’
    • ‘The computer doesn't replace the radiologist, it just double-checks his work.’
    • ‘If you don't have to pick up a box or bottle every other minute, you're less likely to lose your train of thought as you're double-checking the shipment against the invoice.’