Meaning of double refraction in English:

double refraction


mass nounPhysics
  • Division of a single incident light ray or other electromagnetic wave into two separate rays in an anisotropic medium.

    ‘On the other hand, I used to find him plunged as deeply into the study of light polarisation, diffraction, and interference, single and double refraction, and all manner of strange organic compounds.’
    • ‘Today, there are four basic methods for polarizing light: absorption, reflection, double refraction, and scattering.’
    • ‘Think of the strain lines showing up under polarized light in diamonds with anomalous double refraction.’
    • ‘If a beam of light is shone at the sides of the rhomb, the beam splits in two, a phenomenon known as double refraction.’
    • ‘He spent two years there, in particular studying the double refraction Bartholin had discovered in Iceland spar crystal.’