Meaning of doubler in English:



See double

‘In the 1970s DSTO, with the strong support of the RAAF, pioneered the use of bonded carbon and boron fibre doublers to repair cracked metal structures.’
  • ‘Adhesive bonding, instead of riveting, is employed by some designers for attaching doublers and stiffeners to the skin sheet.’
  • ‘The 355 nm line of a Continuum NY - 61 Nd: YAG laser equipped with a quadruple frequency doubler was used for quantum yield determinations.’
  • ‘Declarer should recognise that this is a desperation double, and redouble it (if it really came from a good hand, the doubler would have doubled the other players as well).’
  • ‘Connecting the sense pin to the ground pin allows the XC9801 / 02 to be used as a voltage doubler.’