Meaning of dowelling in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdaʊəlɪŋ/


mass noun
  • Cylindrical rods for cutting into dowels.

    ‘To do this a mushroom spore is placed into a piece of doweling rod and then drilled into fresh timber or put into an old paperback.’
    • ‘Drill the holes on the jig, and make your first hole on the right side of your bookcase, then insert a dowel to hold it in place and make the rest of the holes using the doweling jig as a mark.’
    • ‘Use the doweling jig to drill the holes for the dowels.’
    • ‘To dowel the top prepare to drill the dowel holes using a horizontal boring tool or a doweling jig and centers.’
    • ‘For reasons not established, very few sash dowelling boxes were made commercially and it seems to have been an area where the window-sash makers let their imagination run riot.’
    • ‘Cill planes, like sash dowelling boxes, are frequently craftsman-made, and so there is a wide variety of designs, but the main characteristic is that the iron and wedge are set into a recess cut into the flat side of the plane.’