Meaning of down on one's luck in English:

down on one's luck


  • Experiencing a period of bad luck.

    • ‘he plays the part of a scriptwriter down on his luck’
    • ‘But the sad reality is that there are lots of people from these parts who sadly, for one reason of another have found themselves down on their luck across many parts of Britain, but particularly in London.’
    • ‘These guys are down on their luck, they're looking to make money.’
    • ‘A couple of years ago I was really down on my luck.’
    • ‘Many of the papers last week featured the moving story of a young man who is currently down on his luck.’
    • ‘Vera Nicholls could be forgiven for thinking she was down on her luck when she found she was set lose her job - then a bingo win came just in time.’
    • ‘Peter Frost, the man who lived in a North Yorkshire car park while he was down on his luck, is building a new life for himself in Nottingham.’
    • ‘As popular as the Moog sound became, by the mid 1980's Robert Moog was down on his luck.’
    • ‘When a side is down on their luck the small things inevitably stack up against them - and this was certainly the case for the Cardiff Blues.’
    • ‘He is down on his luck, for whatever reason, some of it almost certainly self-inflicted.’
    • ‘David meantime is currently building his own house, quite a feat for a man who in 1997 was down on his luck and had just had his house repossessed.’