Meaning of down the road in English:

down the road


informal North American
  • In the future.

    ‘they couldn't predict the disastrous war looming a few years down the road’
    • ‘Ultimately, you'll need to establish that this greater worth translates into a higher sales price down the road.’
    • ‘However, most respondents indicated they will feel more comfortable setting up a business five or ten years down the road.’
    • ‘I think, down the road, they appreciate and remember that you took the time to tell them, he said.’
    • ‘While action here may not help our industry next year, it may have a real impact down the road, she said.’
    • ‘I think you'll see a 3-liter eventually, down the road.’
    • ‘Do you want a well-designed house that fits your lifestyle today and years down the road?’
    • ‘‘I was worried about the implications but still thought they were five to ten years down the road,’ recalls Chapela.’
    • ‘I had to ask myself, ‘Should I really get this when I know it will air on TV, and also be part of a season set down the road?’’
    • ‘‘The customer is more comfortable spending money if they know it will look the same down the road as when I hand it to them,’ she said.’
    • ‘A customer may not be ready to buy during the tour, but they remember the experience, keep business cards and call the artists or stop by one of the galleries a few months down the road.’
    • ‘Down the road, the networking capability will lead to Internet applications, Yamaha says.’