Meaning of down trou in English:

down trou

Pronunciation /ˈdaʊn traʊ/


informal New Zealand
  • A deliberate lowering of one's trousers in public in order to insult or amuse people.

    • ‘he and three cobbers had done a down trou in the tavern on New Year's Eve’
    • ‘Well done for not having to do a down trou.’
    • ‘This is the equivalent of a group wedgie, followed by a collective down trou.’
    • ‘The down trou is a New Zealand custom where a pool player who loses a game without sinking any of their own balls is expected to drop their trousers.’
    • ‘The party apologizes for its president's down trou.’
    • ‘The down trou is a sign of the team's confidence.’
    • ‘It was an entertaining game and the crowd got their money's worth, including the down trou.’
    • ‘What an almighty down-trou—couldn't have happened to a nicer politician that has deserted his principles!’
    • ‘I hitched my skirt up when we got that point because I knew we wouldn't have to do the down trou.’
    • ‘She doesn't know when, or how, the down trou started, but she loves doing it, both in tennis and squash.’
    • ‘It reminds me of an old mate of mine from a farming community in New Zealand who's always doing a down trou at parties.’