Meaning of downforce in English:



  • A force, produced by a combination of air resistance and gravity, that acts on a moving vehicle, having the effect of pressing it down towards the ground and giving it increased stability.

    • ‘The nose and flat bottom are designed for ground effect and there is positive downforce over the front axle.’
    • ‘But then you still need a soft tyre because the corners are very slow and you don't have the downforce to keep the tyre on the ground.’
    • ‘Grip levels are very high thanks to the sorted chassis and at higher speeds thanks to the downforce package.’
    • ‘The downforce is at maximum, and the engine needs good torque but maximum power is not so important.’
    • ‘As the speed decreases so too does the downforce and therefore the amount of grip from the tyres.’
    • ‘We couldn't go any quicker because we didn't have the downforce.’
    • ‘Removing downforce in this way made them faster in the flowing parts of the circuit, but could work against them in the wet when grip will be vital.’
    • ‘Rear wings, which provide much of the aerodynamic downforce at the back of the car, will be subject to new limits in 2004.’
    • ‘I am sure they are very capable of compromising with the downforce.’
    • ‘With the new 2005 aerodynamic regulations we will once again run the maximum downforce available.’
    • ‘With the low downforce that we had at first, to get a one-lap time, which is all the media tends to look at, was difficult.’
    • ‘When we got in the corner, he decided to come across my nose, so I started to back out of it because I lost all the downforce.’
    • ‘The newer one is no longer a low downforce, flat-out blast and it's now like many of the other circuits we race at.’
    • ‘I was careful on the opening lap and could tell straight away that we had lost a lot of the downforce I had been used to.’
    • ‘Obviously, with the banking helping you there, you don't really need the downforce.’
    • ‘Then it was a matter of where we were going to set up the car for the race, if we were going to be aggressive on the downforce or not.’
    • ‘It would not surprise me if some cars have even regained the lost downforce by Melbourne.’
    • ‘Our goal is to reduce the excess downforce to a point where we do create a little separation.’
    • ‘Damages resulted in removing a part of the wing that was crucial to the downforce in the car.’
    • ‘It's a combination of downforce and the engine power that they cut, obviously trying to make it safer.’