Meaning of downlink in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdaʊnlɪŋk/

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  • A telecommunications link for signals coming to the earth from a satellite, spacecraft, or aircraft.

    ‘two satellites were used to carry the signal over the Atlantic to a downlink in Atlanta’
    • ‘The IRD is one type of receiver for modulated signals arriving on a satellite downlink.’
    • ‘Founded in 1982, ERI develops and produces unique interference mitigation products to enhance the reception and use of Global Positioning System navigation and satellite downlinks by military and commercial customers.’
    • ‘To determine a spacecraft's position in space, NASA generally uses a downlink, or radio signal from the spacecraft to a radio dish in the Deep Space Network of ground receivers.’
    • ‘Those breakthroughs alone would mean a virtually universally connected world (not necessarily ‘wired’ since wireless technology, including satellite downlinks, will play a much greater role).’
    • ‘It takes pictures of the uplink signals and the downlink signals and then matches them.’
    • ‘Each of the slave nodes has an uplink transceiver and a downlink transceiver, with the downlink transceiver ordinarily isolated by switches from the common bus.’
    • ‘The supercell - which has been applied effectively worldwide in point-to-multipoint systems - consists of 24 sectors, with each sector supporting a downlink and an uplink.’
    • ‘Some experiments also have a video downlink and a telecommand uplink which allows the scientists to control vital experiment parameters in real time from the ground.’
    • ‘The downlink is a 32-channel telemetry link providing radio and imagery for navigation and situation data.’
    • ‘Verizon claims 300-500 Kbps in the downlink, 50 Kbps in the uplink.’
    • ‘The pattern of zeros and ones in the digital readouts ensures that the user segment receivers synchronize only on a NAVSTAR satellite downlink and not on some other electronic signal.’
    • ‘What it does is make it so he can access any computer that has access to an internet line or satellite downlink.’
    • ‘The signal is located 97 degrees west longitude with a downlink frequency of 12146.00 MHz.’
    • ‘The Partners in Flight project has particularly encouraged participation in the downlink from students in groups traditionally under-represented in science and mathematics fields.’
    • ‘Thousands more will view sessions via satellite downlink at 51 sites in 28 states and Canada.’
    • ‘So you're saying that I and all the rest of your downlink sites were on the wrong satellite?’
    • ‘The single command uplink and the image data downlinks are highly robust against hostile jamming.’
    • ‘Per one of the HDTV tutorials I read online, DirecTV is compressing too many channel into their downlinks, and they are trading off quality with their standard broadcast material (though they still maintain pristine HD channels).’
    • ‘Alternatively, the downlinks are carried through a smaller number of large dish antennas and distributed terrestrially.’
    • ‘Those commercial downlinks around the world that we buy are a great risk.’


[with object]
  • Relay to the earth (a telecommunications signal or the information it conveys)

    ‘any TV station can downlink just about any game’
    • ‘Reliably downlinking that amount of information will require a new approach, Mandl noted.’
    • ‘They'd blown a fortune downlinking the relays to ground-level stations with omnidirectional antennae.’
    • ‘In medium rate, all real-time science telemetry can be downlinked during station passes.’
    • ‘The information and video images are then downlinked to multiple users situated within the satellite's footprint, to be viewed on their televisions.’
    • ‘When a target of interest is located in the super-wide image, the fourth imager with a narrow-field-of-view can be downlinked to provide positive target identification.’
    • ‘The remote sensing campaigns generated large volumes of data at a time when, due to the rover's orientation, there was less bandwidth available for downlinking the data.’
    • ‘That feed is downlinked, at East and West Coast stations, and boosted back up to seven other satellites to cover the rest of the world.’
    • ‘The videoconference will be downlinked live to 18 Cooperative Extension offices and also will be available live on from 8 p.m. to 9: 30 p.m. CDT Monday, Oct.16.’
    • ‘The July 12 Market Journal will be downlinked to 20 NU Cooperative Extension county offices from 8 to 9 p.m. CDT.’
    • ‘Each month's first edition is downlinked live to more than 20 sites across Nebraska, and each month's second edition is webcast live at’
    • ‘Once the data that Spirit collected from her examination of Peace was downlinked to the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, the MER science team discovered that this was a new class of water-impacted rock.’
    • ‘‘Over the weekend, we downlinked some additional data and [that data] essentially confirmed our suspicions about why the first problem occurred,’ he said.’
    • ‘The video will be downlinked from the external tank during flight to several NASA data-receiving sites and then relayed to the live television broadcast.’
    • ‘Even a single one can provide a mail-forwarding service, getting data from, say, a buoy in the middle of the Pacific on one orbit, and storing it until a later orbit when it can be downlinked.’
    • ‘The multiple numbers of images are in the process of being downlinked.’
    • ‘The streaming IP digital data is uplinked from a transmission site to a satellite and downlinked to one or more remote Internet gateways via a communications path that is substantially separate from the Internet backbone.’
    • ‘‘We are downlinking at 32 k-bits, and uplinking at 2 k-bits per second, exactly as expected,’ confirmed McNeill.’
    • ‘Ground stations can downlink or uplink information collected on the other side of the globe nearly instantaneously.’
    • ‘A couple of days alter, on the January 27, they attempted to downlink a lot of the science data products that had been in the flash memory.’
    • ‘The standard procedure was to establish the aircraft in a hover, train the forward-looking-infrared radar to the contact, and downlink the picture via our HAWK or data link.’