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Pronunciation /ˈdaʊnsʌɪz/

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[with object]
  • 1Make (a company or organization) smaller by eliminating staff positions.

    ‘a TV news producer told what happened after her network downsized the newsroom’
    • ‘The manufacturing plant, which was downsized by the company last year and nearly canceled this year, won't earn taxpayer subsidies unless a contract approved during the previous administration is changed.’
    • ‘Once considered the next big thing in tech, the company has proceeded with a layoff of dozens of employees and is downsizing much of its remaining workforce.’
    • ‘The company may also merge or downsize some of its operational units.’
    • ‘In 1998 there was the market crash and we downsized the business from 3,000 people to around 1,200 people.’
    • ‘He ended up getting a settlement in October for approximately $1.7 billion as the company faced some huge losses forcing them to downsize their staff.’
    • ‘The retailer will continue closing its bricks-and-mortar presence in 2020 including downsizing some of its largest flagship stores.’
    • ‘The firm's losses will likely continue to narrow as it attracts more external customers, automates its network, and downsizes its massive workforce.’
    • ‘Most of the local industries instead of creating new employment opportunities are downsizing their workforce.’
    • ‘She closed her New Hampshire offices and downsized her Baltimore headquarters in the fall.’
    • ‘The tech behemoth has recently downsized 300 employees from their services division.’
    1. 1.1no object (of a company) eliminate staff positions.
      ‘recession forced many companies to downsize’
      • ‘The organization downsized in the past number of years, but recent accomplishments are still remarkable.’
      • ‘As internet access migrated to broadband and cable companies started taking the lion share of the business, the internet service provider had to downsize.’
      • ‘Nearly two years ago, the company downsized and its partnership with the university ended.’
      • ‘Some retired sooner than they expected, like Bill Davidson, who retired when his former employer downsized.’
      • ‘The ways that information gets to the public have changed significantly in recent years, with newsrooms downsizing nationwide, sources of misinformation proliferating, and skepticism growing.’
      • ‘Often when a biotech's lead drug fails in clinical trials, the company announces massive layoffs in an effort to downsize.’
      • ‘The company is not the only co-working space to be downsizing.’
      • ‘Many production companies have started to downsize, several have shut down, others are surviving thanks to commissions from the streaming company.’
      • ‘Its competitor was the drug store chain that downsized the most in New York City, to 119 locations from 177 last year.’
      • ‘Companies are downsizing, with job losses becoming routine.’
  • 2no object Move to a smaller place of residence.

    ‘I am downsizing from a large five-bedroom house to a two-bedroom flat’
    • ‘We're seeing housing turnover from baby boomers as they retire, relocate or downsize.’
    • ‘Paul and Fiona had lived there for 27 years before placing the fine Victorian for sale and downsizing to an apartment.’
    • ‘Kay thought she had lost the family heirloom when she downsized earlier this year.’
    • ‘Mel had to sell her family home and downsize.’
    • ‘I've downsized. The big family home in London has been sold and I now live in a modest house with a skinny lounge/diner and a kitchen that's just big enough to swing a cat in (though please don't call the RSPCA, we haven't tested that theory).’
    • ‘Is this the time to downsize and move to a smaller, more affordable home with fewer stairs and less maintenance?’
    • ‘Let's spend our money building one last big house we can enjoy until we're ready to downsize.’
    • ‘Empty nesters don't need as much space as they did when they were raising children, so it makes sense to downsize.’
    • ‘The thrift store receives goods from donors who will their possessions, or people who may be downsizing or moving and do not want to pack and ship their furniture.’
    • ‘Steinberg, who has downsized to a smaller home, is one of Perth's most successful businessmen.’
  • 3North American Make (something) smaller.

    ‘I downsized the rear wheel to 26 inches’
    • ‘He downsized his living space from 1,000 square feet to 300 square feet.’
    • ‘The reporters spoke to a number of the interpreters, many of whom lost their jobs as the country downsized its commitment to training security forces.’
    • ‘You have downsized your life, divested yourself of clutter, brought clarity and economy into your domestic life.’
    • ‘The gun rights group is downsizing its media operation and his show appears to be a casualty of those plans.’
    • ‘Go for the low-hanging fruit first, then downsize in stages. This lesson I learned in tackling my collection of books, which I'd long believed would be the hardest thing to downsize.’
    • ‘In an effort to downsize his bursting art collection, John sent many of his possessions to Sotheby's for a four-day auction in 1988 that ended up generating more than $8 million.’
    • ‘Try downsizing your meal when you get a chance; it's an easy way to save on those calories.’
    • ‘The restaurant downsizes adult dishes for children and encourages sharing.’
    • ‘If traveling with a young child, downsize your bulky stroller for a simple umbrella stroller.’
    • ‘Downsizing to a tiny home also downsizes your carbon footprint.’
    reduce, cut, cut down, decrease, lessen, retrench, trim, prune, slim down, scale down, salami-slice
    reduce, cut back on, cut down on, decrease, lessen, retrench, diminish, trim, prune, slim down, ease up on