Meaning of downstairs in English:


Pronunciation /daʊnˈstɛːz/ /ˈdaʊnstɛːz/

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  • 1Down a flight of stairs.

    ‘I tripped over the cat and fell downstairs’
    • ‘I went downstairs into the kitchen’
    • ‘There was the sound of feet pounding on the stairs as they came downstairs.’
    • ‘She believes Sophie lit a match in the upstairs bedroom where Sarah was sleeping, then ran downstairs when the match fell on the bed.’
    • ‘This hurt more than when I fell downstairs and I thought that was bad!’
    • ‘She had fallen downstairs, broken a leg and knocked herself unconscious, and had been taken into hospital.’
    • ‘When he arrived he was told the child had fallen downstairs and he was worried he would be blamed.’
    • ‘These are particularly associated with falls downstairs, which are the commonest cause of babywalker related injury.’
    • ‘His guitar may often remind you of a roadie falling downstairs, yet it suits this rougher hewn material down to the ground.’
    • ‘Some of the bruising and tenderness seen on examination in hospital could have been caused when she fell downstairs.’
    • ‘He did eventually recover the throne but died soon afterwards after breaking his neck falling downstairs.’
    • ‘I went downstairs to get a glass of water, the stairs creaking every time I moved.’
    • ‘We had to go downstairs and round little corridors and then up some other stairs.’
    • ‘She said she ran downstairs and alerted her husband, who had fallen asleep fully dressed on the sofa.’
    • ‘I ran up the stairs, had a quick shower and came downstairs fully dressed and ready.’
    • ‘After I was done, I grabbed my bag and ran downstairs, only to find Eric climbing up the stairs.’
    • ‘I walked downstairs to see Billy standing at the bottom of the stairs ready to take my hand.’
    • ‘When she went downstairs to investigate, she noticed her cat, Maverick, was missing, and ran out of the house to search for him.’
    • ‘They'd set it off and then the statue would move and then the cats would dart up and downstairs some more: it never stopped.’
    • ‘As I came downstairs, my right knee gave way, and I fell in a crumpled heap at the bottom.’
    • ‘I walked downstairs slowly, listening to the lengthening drumbeat slow and pivot.’
    • ‘The men can't go downstairs at a manly pace, because the women have to step carefully in those heels.’
    towards a lower position, downwards, downstairs, towards the bottom, from top to bottom
    in a lower position, downstairs, at the bottom
    1. 1.1On or to a lower floor.
      ‘we were waiting for you downstairs’
      • ‘she called him downstairs’
      • ‘We will probably take down the wall downstairs after that and lay new floor and wallpaper downstairs before they come as well.’
      • ‘It took me all of last night just to do my bedroom, and because I had to air the room after vacuuming, I had to sleep downstairs on the hard floor.’
      • ‘I got to have a nosy around her bathroom and to admire her sanded floors downstairs.’
      • ‘The breakfast diner was downstairs on the first floor, just opposite of the front desk.’
      • ‘The fire took hold in a first floor bedroom as some of the family watched television downstairs and others cooked a meal in a basement kitchen last night.’
      • ‘Large changing rooms will be located downstairs and a timber sports floor will make it suitable for all indoor sports.’
      • ‘The residents living on the top floors immediately alerted their neighbours living downstairs.’
      • ‘This gives the premises a capacity of 250 people downstairs and 150 on the first floor.’
      • ‘I've been downstairs taking up the carpet and taking up the kitchen floor.’
      • ‘He told the inquiry he did not use the upper floor of his home and lived mainly downstairs with his invalid wife.’
      • ‘Some people on the bar stools utilized the glass floor as a good way to check out the happenings downstairs.’
      • ‘If only they had put in a half dozen lanes downstairs instead of a dance floor.’
      • ‘All of the women are staying on the first floor, while the men are somewhere downstairs.’
      • ‘There are two bedrooms downstairs, both of which have wooden floors and cast iron fireplaces.’
      • ‘Next was the recreation room downstairs plus all the bathrooms, one on each floor.’
      • ‘We headed out to his car, taking the stairs downstairs instead of the elevator.’
      • ‘When we arrived home I trudged up the stairs on my own, as he remained downstairs.’
      • ‘He was about to say more when they heard the door slam downstairs and footsteps hurrying up the stairs.’
      • ‘I heard the door open downstairs and my brother bomb in and up the stairs.’
      • ‘After returning home, he sat downstairs for a while and, shortly after midnight, he said he was going to the toilet.’
      further down, lower down, in a lower position, underneath, beneath, downstairs


  • Situated downstairs.

    ‘the downstairs loo’
    • ‘Tina's family had assisted her to construct a downstairs bathroom for him while Christopher was in hospital.’
    • ‘The kitchen is fitted with units of Canadian maple and includes a four-ring Meile gas hob while the downstairs bathroom has a spa bath.’
    • ‘Originally she intended to extend the back of the house in Stokes Croft to create a downstairs bedroom and bathroom for Kieran.’
    • ‘Whether it's your home office, a bathroom window or a downstairs bedroom, the issue of privacy is one that concerns us all.’
    • ‘A planning application to build a downstairs bedroom and bathroom for Emma at home has already been submitted.’
    • ‘A cursory inspection revealed several feet of water in a downstairs bathroom and closet.’
    • ‘It includes a new conservatory, new bathroom, kitchen and windows and a newly decorated downstairs area.’
    • ‘The bathroom opened out onto a downstairs hallway that was tiny and cramped.’
    • ‘The courtroom, judge's chambers and the downstairs library were affected.’
    • ‘A 20-year-old man began to cook chips then fell asleep on a downstairs sofa.’
    • ‘But it is thought that it may have begun in a downstairs sitting room shortly after 8am.’
    • ‘I don't recall any live jazz in the downstairs area which, again, if the website was to be believed, was reportedly a feature.’
    • ‘The leakage had created a crack in the ceiling of this downstairs flat, which also boasted a boarded up broken window.’
    • ‘The youths entered the house by smashing a downstairs window.’
    • ‘The two other downstairs rooms, the breakfast room and the kitchen, were Florence's domain.’
    • ‘When, as a very young man, he practised it in his London flat, his downstairs neighbour didn't like it.’
    • ‘I agree with the policeman who came round to break into the downstairs flat when the old lady first fell and refused to go to hospital.’
    • ‘Afterwards, you sit alone in the downstairs rec room, watching the newsmen on the TV.’
    • ‘She was found at 6.30 am the next day in the downstairs living room.’
    • ‘The back hall leads to a downstairs cloakroom with toilet, hand basin and shower.’


  • The ground floor or lower floors of a building.

    ‘the downstairs was hardly damaged at all’
    • ‘The fire spread across two ground floor rooms and caused 50 per cent fire damage to the downstairs.’
    • ‘For years he lived with his brothers and sisters in one big room in the downstairs of the house, where they had only a small stove.’
    • ‘I suspected that one reason the house had been on the market for so long was because nobody could imagine what to do with the downstairs.’
    • ‘He, aged 47, awoke to find flames threatening to engulf the downstairs of his home.’
    • ‘After that, we put the other covers on the sofa, and suddenly the whole downstairs seemed clean and fresh again!’
    • ‘Their kitchen is in a state, as is most of the downstairs of the house.’
    • ‘He snatched sleeping Sam from his bed as dense fumes filled the downstairs of his home in Swinton.’
    • ‘Only I've packed all my cookbooks away while we're renovating the downstairs of the house.’
    • ‘When he didn't see him in the downstairs, he went to the stairs, and went up to the bedroom.’
    • ‘The downstairs was for business and was simple in its interior, while the upstairs was used for entertaining and was far more flamboyant.’
    • ‘The bedroom itself was not too bad but the place was definitely a pub and not an inn and the downstairs smelt of stale beer and cigarette smoke.’
    • ‘The whole downstairs of the house smelled something awful for two weeks.’
    • ‘The low-maintenance Australian cypress flooring is carried throughout the downstairs of the house.’