Meaning of downstate in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdaʊnsteɪt/

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  • Situated or occurring in the southern part of a state, especially the southern part of Illinois as contrasted with Chicago.

    ‘a new maximum-security prison was being built in a downstate community’
    • ‘But since many residents own cars (for the occasional downstate drive to bigger cities or the airport), they tend to use them for shorter trips, too.’
    • ‘Where I live in downstate NY, we have city water, east of here they have well water.’
    • ‘His victory in the March primary - winning 53 percent of the vote overall against six substantial candidates, including many city, suburban and downstate areas with few black voters - seemed to open a new era in racial politics.’
    • ‘By the end of the year, the virus has spread to Long Island, downstate New York, to New Jersey, and to Connecticut, and had killed at least 5,000 birds.’
    • ‘What's more, the canal can't even be thanked for providing all of the electricity for the city, because much of the wattage it generates gets fused into a power grid formed by a conglomerate of electricity production facilities downstate.’
    • ‘Not as warm as Los Angeles, it also lacks the cachet, fashionable coastlines and morbidly appealing plasticity of its downstate counterpart.’
    • ‘She, in turn, was a mentor to him, then domiciled in Venice Beach, but originally from downstate Illinois.’
    • ‘Finally, one might treat some of the individual fears and grievances expressed by those accused of the murders, and consider why so many downstate Illinoisans, Missourians, and lowans became involved.’
    • ‘I will be the voice of those in my district and I will support downstate membership.’
    • ‘He has bought 1,000 acres in downstate Virginia, with his eyes on another 1,000 that eventually will include an educational facility focusing on about the environment.’
    • ‘Where I live, in downstate New York, this is the time of year for tidying up - stripping the last fruits from the peppers, eggplants and tomato vines, then salvaging a final zucchini.’
    • ‘I happened to be in downstate Illinois for sales calls earlier in the week, so it made perfect sense to duck into Peoria and race both days events before heading home.’
    • ‘She had read my new book, This Organic Life, which tells the story of my quarter-century effort to eat locally in downstate New York.’
    • ‘This is the most authentic ghost tour in downstate Illinois and the tours are designed to be both historically and supernaturally accurate.’
    • ‘The landscape of downstate Illinois stretches out as flat as a tabletop.’
    • ‘Many prisoners sleep on the floors; others wait to be sent to prisons in downstate Illinois.’
    • ‘‘Before there were settlers in the Adirondacks,’ writes Terrie, ‘there was ownership of the land, usually by downstate speculators’.’
    • ‘Why hasn't she done anything to help prime the pump for technology in the downstate area, improve our schools, help clean up the Long Island Sound.’
    • ‘He, a towering political figure in New York for decades, had already pushed through a network of parkways in the downstate metropolitan area and Long Island well before the advent of World War II.’
    • ‘That is including the time it will take me to get through the congestion of the downstate metro area.’


  • In or to the southern part of a state, especially the southern part of Illinois as contrasted with Chicago.

    • ‘I was living downstate’


mass nounUS
  • The southern part of a state.

    • ‘I think downstate is much more similar to NJ.’