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Pronunciation /ˌdaʊnˈstriːm/

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  • 1In the direction in which a stream or river flows.

    ‘the car had floated some way downstream’
    • ‘the valley where I lived was downstream from coal mines’
    • ‘the bridge spanned the river just downstream of the rail line’
    • ‘I am downwind of the stream, downstream of the mountain.’
    • ‘When evenings are fair some good fishing is available at Holycross and Ballycamus on the River Suir, downstream of Thurles.’
    • ‘As a result of water diversion from the upper Jordan by the Israel, there is no fresh water to flow downstream of Tiberias.’
    • ‘The pegs on the main river just downstream of where the Darwen enters are also quit suitable for this and, I am happy to report, both have been fishing very well.’
    • ‘Match anglers on the Ouse this weekend are unlikely to find themselves doing battle with any barbel as most of the action is on the river downstream of York.’
    • ‘Our Deputy Head asked how far the river was navigable downstream of Hairatan.’
    • ‘The Lower Ure Championships drew a good entry of 65 to the river downstream of Boroughbridge.’
    • ‘Water levels are low and the river downstream of the traps currently holds a large number of fish.’
    • ‘All the report said was that the river had been polluted downstream of the sewerage works.’
    • ‘A crew of 18 is assembled 50 river miles downstream of Lees Ferry in the Grand Canyon of the Colorado River.’
    • ‘We sat along the banks of the Rappahannock River downstream of Fredericksburg for some time while the enemy lurked opposite us.’
    • ‘At about the same time abnormal fish were noticed in rivers in southern England downstream of sewage works.’
    • ‘After a few metres, you will find yourself in the stream a few metres downstream of the crawl up through the slot mentioned above.’
    • ‘The temperature of the air stream was measured just downstream of the dew point hygrometer using a thermocouple.’
    • ‘They deliberately biased their sample by examining stream and river systems downstream from urban or intense agricultural areas.’
    • ‘With the rapid currents of the river that flowed downstream, people could place their supplies into many empty barrels and send them to the main camp site a few miles down.’
    • ‘No information was available on the effects of altered river flow on wetlands downstream.’
    • ‘Furthermore, the fact that the river is walled on each side, downstream of bridge, and there are gateposts on the river is also interesting.’
    • ‘The fish have been shoaled in the shallower, faster, water downstream of the numerous weirs that bear testament to the river's industrial heritage.’
    • ‘One of the best swims is situated downstream of the caravan park.’
  • 2Biology
    In or towards the part of a sequence of genetic material where transcription takes place later than at a given point.

    ‘a termination signal was found downstream from the coding region’
    • ‘In human cells as well, a region directly downstream of the DNA-binding domain appears to have the same function.’
    • ‘The second element is a region of 50 bp downstream of the promoter.’
    • ‘Moreover, the C-terminal region downstream of the zinc fingers is also essential.’
    • ‘The genes that encode these proteins are located immediately downstream of the cos region at the left end of the mature chromosome.’
    • ‘At least for some of these, a direct role downstream of vertebrate Hh proteins has been defined similar to what is seen in flies.’
  • 3At a stage in the process of gas or oil extraction and production after the raw material is ready for refining.

    ‘the company is bigger downstream, deriving a larger slice of its revenues from refining and marketing the oil it finds’
    • ‘This, in turn, has pushed CAD both upstream and downstream in the production process.’
    • ‘The other 20 shared common ownership with the downstream (processing or marketing) stages.’
    • ‘View every person in the organisation as both a supplier to someone in the next downstream process and a customer to someone in the next upstream process.’
    • ‘Customer satisfaction also involves internal customers, that is, owners of downstream processes.’
    • ‘However the downstream production of the metals certainly doesn't.’
    • ‘Shell is predominantly involved in downstream oil production and any hardening of refining margins could lift bottom line profits.’
    • ‘Various strip downstream processing routes for foil stock and foils production were tested on the level of industrial trials.’
    • ‘It significantly facilitates downstream purification and allows production at a much larger scale.’
    • ‘Import and export statistics show that the export ratio of the nation's mid- and downstream petrochemical products is gradually rising.’
    • ‘After widespread protests it also withdrew its decision to remove the petroleum subsidy and deregulate the downstream petroleum sectors.’
    • ‘Farid of ABB Lummus agrees that downstream petroleum work continues apace.’
    • ‘We may make gains with respect to oil and gas and downstream energy products.’
    • ‘Upstream services include the exploration and production of oil and gas while downstream includes the trading and refining of the products.’
    • ‘Therein lies the problem for integrated oil companies like Shell whose operation embraces both upstream and downstream businesses.’


  • 1Situated or moving in the direction in which a stream or river flows.

    • ‘deforestation could have disastrous consequences for downstream regions’
  • 2Biology
    Situated in or towards the part of a sequence of genetic material where transcription takes place later than at a given point.

    • ‘many of the protein gene sequences in this study appear to end with a single T that is directly adjacent to the downstream gene’
  • 3Taking place at or relating to a stage in the process of gas or oil extraction and production after the raw material is ready for refining.

    • ‘a government regulation on the oil and gas downstream sector was issued’