Meaning of Dr Martens in English:

Dr Martens

Pronunciation /ˈmɑːtɪnz/

plural noun

(also Doc Martens)
  • A type of heavy lace-up boot or shoe with an air-cushioned sole.

    ‘This means that it's time to get rid of your desert boots and Doc Martens.’
    • ‘I have a tan pair of Doc Martens shoes that look really good with white pants.’
    • ‘I tie on my black Doc Martens boots and head for the door.’
    • ‘I still own and wear every pair of Doc Martens shoes I've ever had - my first pair, from 1994, remains in good shape.’
    • ‘She was still in her boots, brown Doc Martens that she bought on sale at the flea market just last week, when her life wasn't so dramatic.’
    gumboot, wellington, wader, walking boot, riding boot, field boot, jackboot, thigh boot, half-boot, ankle boot, pixie boot, Chelsea boot, balmoral, desert boot, moon boot, snow boot


1970s named after Klaus Maertens, German inventor of the sole.