Meaning of draftee in English:


Pronunciation /ˌdrɑːfˈtiː/

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  • A person conscripted for military service.

    ‘At the same time, enlisted personnel slots should be manned by conscripts - that is to say, draftees, not contract servicemen.’
    • ‘Most people in the military would not want draftees either.’
    • ‘Serving in the military reserve forces also exempted potential draftees from conscription.’
    • ‘It was of no small importance either that the draftees whose service term was over were timely replaced with new reinforcements.’
    • ‘He was there in 1942 as a reluctant Army draftee assigned to military police guard duty at the camp.’
    • ‘And these are military professionals, not draftees.’
    • ‘At first, the military draftees used shields to separate the two camps and then the regular police took their place.’
    • ‘The recruits they train are all volunteers who, unlike draftees dragged kicking and screaming into camp, willingly seek military service.’
    • ‘Tidal waves of draftees reported for active duty.’
    • ‘About half of the soldiers in our rifle platoons were draftees whom we had trained for about six weeks.’
    • ‘Experienced combatants expressed sorrow for the fledgling recruits, generally draftees, brought in to fill vacancies.’
    • ‘Recreational facilities and activities that once were appropriate for the unaccompanied draftee are unappealing to professional soldiers and their families.’
    • ‘An article recently stated that 40 percent of eligible draftees avoid service.’
    • ‘Men who were typically average Americans, draftees, called to defend the nation in time of war, manned the division.’
    • ‘They will be staffed by contract soldiers rather than by draftees, he said.’
    • ‘The army always had lots of technical and administrative jobs for educated draftees.’
    • ‘I learned later that most GIs then were draftees who wanted to get out, not in.’
    • ‘What the soldier, the voluntary soldier and the draftee, experience directly is the war itself.’
    • ‘I don't believe we need a draft right now, even though I had great draftees as soldiers that I served with.’
    • ‘In Vietnam, American forces consisted mainly of short-term draftees, who returned to civilian life after their tours of duty.’
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