Meaning of drafter in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdrɑːftə/


See draft

‘One of the key drafters of the party's platform called the decision ‘a disaster.’’
  • ‘Hopefully, the drafters of the constitution understand our strong belief that women ought to be treated equally in society.’
  • ‘I realize that the drafters of these laws probably didn't envision the Internet, which wasn't a major communications medium at the time.’
  • ‘The drafters of the EU Directive must have seen this coming.’
  • ‘The drafters should be congratulated on a job well done.’
  • ‘The drafters were so futuristic that they did not foresee circumstances where the Chief Executive would resign before completing his term.’
  • ‘But the most fundamental mistake of drafters of taxation laws is that they failed to guarantee the stability the state had promised.’
  • ‘The drafters could have chosen more focused language, but they didn't.’
  • ‘The drafters of the bill, citing the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, claim that all human rights are relative.’
  • ‘One of the mistakes made in devising the Stability Pact was for the drafters to insist on treating all ‘regions’ in the same way.’
  • ‘I expect that this isn't all the fault of the drafters.’
  • ‘We must bear in mind that lawmakers and law drafters have already been paid for their role, and, next in the line are the implementors.’
  • ‘One of the drafters of the authorization has taken this view, and I think he's right.’
  • ‘If only the drafters of the EU constitution had been able to write this directly.’
  • ‘His company held a private meeting with the energy plan's drafters.’
  • ‘If the drafters of this amendment wanted that, that sentence could and would be a lot clearer.’
  • ‘What were the specific problems that the drafters defined before they started?’
  • ‘Has the judiciary ever referred a point of law back to the drafters of that law?’
  • ‘This future drafter of the Constitution wrote with some urgency.’
  • ‘The drafters of the constitution and the congress that approved it belonged to the same political faction.’