Meaning of dragged-out in English:


Pronunciation /draɡˈdaʊt/


  • Continued for a long time, especially for longer than is necessary.

    ‘a long, dragged-out story’
    • ‘The companies could have lost market share because of the dragged-out merger process.’
    • ‘They are sick of year on year below-inflation pay deals and dragged-out pay negotiations.’
    • ‘It's going to be a long, dragged-out fight no matter what.’
    • ‘The room in this legislation for dragged-out legal actions and for diplomatic embarrassment is so broad, so wide, and so available as to make it not worth passing.’
    • ‘I often have difficulty stomaching the purposefully dragged-out pacing, the cheap jump scares and the contrived plot twists that virtually all of these movies invest heavily in.’
    • ‘It would be such a long, dragged-out case, for what?’
    • ‘Breakfast was an unpunctual meal, lazily eaten by weary and half-awake people, but yet at which, in all its dragged-out length, she was expected to be present.’
    • ‘I'm glad it looks like the war is not going to be a dragged-out affair.’
    prolonged, protracted, lengthy, overlong, extended, long-drawn-out, drawn-out, spun-out, dragged-out, seemingly endless, lingering, interminable