Meaning of dramatically in English:


Pronunciation /drəˈmatɪkli/

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  • 1In a way that relates to drama or the performance of drama.

    ‘they displayed their talents both musically and dramatically’
    • ‘dramatically and technically the film falls far short’
    • ‘Unlike Warren, a great Carlo of the 50s, Tagliabue doesn't ennoble the role - either vocally or dramatically.’
    • ‘Dramatically, however, the play suffers from the lack of any real counterweight to Desdemona's political passion.’
    • ‘Every word could be heard and his characterisation both vocally and dramatically was perfect.’
    • ‘But the weakest subplot, at least dramatically, is the Wakefield story.’
    • ‘The high notes are dazzling, however, and dramatically, she is perceptive and lacking neither in pathos nor in vulnerability.’
    • ‘The synopsis may help you make sense of the plot, but it's complicated, if still dramatically compelling, in a Baroque opera way.’
    • ‘His portrayal of Hotspur here seemed a weaker, less dramatically effective character in comparison with the earlier play.’
    • ‘Morrison has a lovely voice and she's dramatically convincing as Maria.’
    • ‘The essential problem was the script, which was unsatisfying on every level - emotionally, dramatically and intellectually.’
    • ‘Excellent performances, stunning spectacle, and a dramatically satisfying mix of bitter and sweet.’
  • 2By a strikingly large amount or to a strikingly large extent; greatly.

    ‘his health has improved dramatically’
    • ‘my opponent's policies are dramatically different from ours’
    • ‘Thus, over the course of seven months, Ingres's political outlook changed dramatically.’
    • ‘The unrest in the region is reflected in cocoa prices, which rose dramatically in fall 2002.’
    • ‘At the same time, the cost of research has increased dramatically.’
    • ‘These surveys have been carried out to assess entirely different problems in structures that varied dramatically in age.’
    • ‘Both phones offer dramatically faster downloads than their non-3G cousins.’
    • ‘The only certainty about a five-year plan is that it will be dramatically wrong within five years.’
    • ‘Compared to competitive tape drives, the new one will offer dramatically superior price, performance, and reliability features.’
    • ‘Overall radio listening in India has fallen dramatically in recent years.’
    • ‘The number of instances of patients injuring themselves was dramatically reduced by two thirds.’
    • ‘This difference of organization seems simple but it dramatically affected the situation.’
    1. 2.1In an exciting or impressive manner.
      ‘his dramatically shaped canvases attracted critical acclaim’
      • ‘His geometric abstraction consisted of dramatically simplified geometric blocks of primary colour.’
      • ‘At night, the structure is dramatically illuminated, casting angular shadows through the clearing.’
      • ‘The pavilions and courtyards are dramatically arranged on a pair of rocky hills overlooking the Indian Ocean.’
      • ‘Sometimes it's dramatically beautiful: the tide rapidly sweeping out towards Lindisfarne.’
      • ‘A striking painting that was in her show is The Great Leap Forward, a large rectangular canvas with a dramatically diagonal composition.’
      • ‘Walk in and you survey a dramatically curved staircase that sweeps down one level to the brasserie's bar and lounge.’
      • ‘Bunyan's archetypal characters are dramatically illustrated through fifty masterful watercolor portraits.’
      • ‘I'm willing to queue for Vervoordt's eclectic collection, dramatically displayed in the atmospheric Palazzo Fortuny.’
      • ‘The illuminated installation elegantly and dramatically enhances the architecture of the building.’
      • ‘The house perches dramatically at the cliff's edge.’
    2. 2.2In a way intended to create an effect; theatrically.
      ‘she paused dramatically’
      • ‘Elizabeth was rolling her eyes and sighing dramatically.’
      • ‘"Better be dead and forgotten," he concluded dramatically, "than living in shame and dishonor!"’
      • ‘He bowed dramatically before me again.’
      • ‘Oakley groaned dramatically, and he looked over at me.’
      • ‘"You're not the brother I though you were," she remarked dramatically.’
      • ‘He then laughs dramatically for far too long at this joke and I had to pause the video to calm myself.’
      • ‘"This is one of the best opportunities for me; this will be a masterpiece from my life," he announced dramatically.’
      • ‘I want them to honor my grief, I say dramatically.’
      • ‘His voice dropped dramatically.’
      • ‘I cried dramatically, flinging my arms in the air for extra emphasis.’