Meaning of draughtsman in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdrɑːf(t)smən/

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  • 1A person who makes detailed technical plans or drawings.

    ‘These courses are geared towards engineers, architects, draughtsmen and technical designers.’
    • ‘Less than two years after a furore erupted over draughtsmen preparing drawings and plans for planning permission, the Council again finds itself embroiled in controversy as a result of a junior employee carrying out a ‘drawings nixer’.’
    • ‘Hagen Koch was turned from a technical draughtsman into Erich Honecker's personal cartographer - he literally drew the line that the Berlin Wall would follow.’
    • ‘He paints the hill towns, farmhouses and fishing ports of the Pyrenees-Orientales, coupling the attention to detail of an architectural draughtsman with a romantic sensibility.’
    • ‘The son of a Covent Garden barber, he was initially self-taught and learned through copying prints and drawings and assisting architectural draughtsmen.’
    • ‘He studied at Sydney Technical High School and worked as a carriage builder, a draughtsman and a mechanical engineer.’
    • ‘Its team of naval architects, electrical engineers, marine engineers and design draughtsmen offer their experience to the shipping industry.’
    • ‘Bosses at the Huntington-based building factory will confirm through talks over the next few days who among its commercial draughtsmen, planners and estimators and others are likely to go as a result of a streamlining scheme.’
    • ‘John Macleod, 45, is an architectural draughtsman, specialising in computer aided structural design.’
    • ‘Pennell describes how architecturally trained draughtsmen who have no experience of drawing directly from life tend to render objects with photographic perspective.’
    • ‘There had been rather more of a risk involved in giving up his 12-year career as an engineering draughtsman to pursue his acting ambitions without formal training at the age of 27.’
    • ‘I used to be a designer draughtsman working on the nuclear fusion project at the Culham laboratories in Oxfordshire.’
    • ‘He travelled throughout Europe studying the great Gothic cathedrals and returned to Scotland in 1826 to work as an architectural draughtsman.’
    • ‘After leaving school he trained in Leven as an engineering draughtsman, then spent his National Service with the Royal Army Medical Corps in Aldershot.’
    • ‘Mrs Packer is married to Nigel, 33, an architectural draughtsman, and the couple have a two-year-old daughter, Amy.’
    • ‘A fine cartoonist, he was also a draughtsman and engineer.’
    • ‘An architectural draughtsman by trade, he painted for pleasure for many years, also doing art work for charities such as the Round Table.’
    • ‘She told how he had given up his lucrative career as a design draughtsman to ‘do the job he loved’.’
    • ‘While he was rejected as unfit for military duty, he was assigned to the Army Survey Corps where he used his drawing skills as a draughtsman.’
    • ‘It took them seven months to decide on their floor plan, which they sent to a draughtsman to draw up.’
    designer, planner, builder, building consultant, draughtsman
    1. 1.1An artist skilled in drawing.
      ‘Sloan, a master printmaker and draughtsman, was skilled in the instant, action-packed psychological graphic.’
      • ‘The exhibition is spread over two floors and embraces every facet of Dali's genius as a painter, draughtsman, printmaker and sculptor, with a good number of his most important works on view.’
      • ‘It is also a fictional evocation of a long-vanished age in which draughtsmen and painters were employed by country-house owners in England to draw or paint their estates, their property, their houses and gardens.’
      • ‘It shows his supreme skills as a painter and a draughtsman that were being recognised internationally at the time of his death in 1992.’
      • ‘He was a consummate draughtsman and the exhibition resonates with his utter absorption of the human form.’
      • ‘As an artist and excellent draughtsman, Hockney knew the difficulties involved in drawing with such precision on a small scale.’
      • ‘In the etchings of artist Nicholas Ward, his pedigree as a draughtsman is clear to see.’
      • ‘One of the most infamous of these illustrations shows the draughtsman using a sight to locate his subject on a piece of paper.’
      • ‘Bureau is an excellent draughtsman and painter, gracefully at ease on both large and small canvases.’
      • ‘As a result, many of the period's most popular and prolific painters and draughtsmen, praised in the seventeenth century by Filippo Baldinucci, are known today through only a handful of works.’
      • ‘The Edinburgh exhibition, while showing off his incredible talent as a draughtsman, is in many ways an attempt to bring da Vinci back down to human size.’
      • ‘He was a gifted draughtsman, watercolorist and landscape artist.’
      • ‘One of France's greatest draughtsmen is profiled in this dedicated loan exhibition, which focuses on two of the artist's favourite subjects: human expression and the drama of family life.’
      • ‘There are no music examples, but, as in Professor Todd's biography, a number of plates that illustrate Mendelssohn's talent as a draughtsman and water-colourist.’
      • ‘He has collaborated with photographers, artists and writers of many kinds, and from the evidence of his own work on display at the exhibition at the National Theatre, he is an accomplished photographer and draughtsman.’
      • ‘A wood engraver, sculptor, typographer and draughtsman, Gill attended the Central School in London under the calligrapher and stone-mason Edward Johnston.’
      • ‘English landscape painter and draughtsman, Farington studied at the Royal Academy from its foundation in 1768, becoming an unofficial but influential part of its government.’
      • ‘His mature work both as a painter and draughtsman is clearly defined, but his activity during his earliest period in Italy, before he reached Naples, is still shrouded in mystery.’
      • ‘He is even more thrilled by the informal studies and sketches than by the major canvases, because the former capture best the tactile immediacy of the painter and draughtsman.’
      • ‘The paintings reveal Terry's skill as a draughtsman and colourist.’
  • 2

    variant spelling of draftsman (sense 1 of the noun)

    ‘A Government spokeswoman said it was being passed to a parliamentary draughtsman for completion and it would be revealed in the Dáil tomorrow.’
    • ‘So, as I found out, Ernst Plischke came to New Zealand in 1939 and got a job as a draughtsman in the Housing Department.’
    • ‘He said in both cases they had been prepared by a parliamentary draughtsman, who was a former member of the AG's office.’
    • ‘He was working as a draughtsman and he was only a young fellow, two years younger than me.’
    • ‘The former ESB draughtsman claimed that the brisk trade he was doing reflected how good he was at his job.’
    • ‘An LMS senior draughtsman made the trip from Derby to Glasgow and back to see that all was well.’