Meaning of draw on in English:

draw on

phrasal verb

  • (of a period of time) pass by and approach its end.

    ‘he remembered sitting in silence with his grandmother as evening drew on’
    • ‘The afternoon came and went; night drew on; few cars passed; none stopped.’
    • ‘The evening drew on, the bats came out, and when the light faded to the point where I couldn't read another word, we repaired to the kitchen where I snapped on the lights.’
    • ‘She said research had shown that evenings were an area of weakness in York's tourism industry, with streets that were packed by day becoming empty as evening drew on.’
    • ‘Evening was drawing on and we were nearing the twilight zone, the night sacred to Shiva, between the waxing and waning moons, when time is arrested between past and future, when the mind is suspended in no-man's-land.’
    • ‘As the evening draws on, the place becomes a pulsating, frenzied dance area, with everyone shaking their carefully honed south beach tush.’