Meaning of draw on in English:

draw on

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phrasal verb

  • 1draw on somethingUse one's experience, talents, or skills as a resource.

    ‘Sue has a lot of past experience to draw on’
    • ‘‘They developed the product and we can still draw on their talent and experience,’ said Braun.’
    • ‘They have incredible resources, and can draw on talent from all over the world, and the standard of competition there really has no peer.’
    • ‘Fremantle drew on his past experience in presenting yet another option.’
    • ‘Can the standoff be resolved in a ‘rational’ manner that draws on past experience to avoid the worst?’
    • ‘Inspired by her success and drawing on her past experience of office management and bookkeeping, she has now set up SAS Bookkeeping to provide bookkeeping, payroll and administration support to small businesses.’
    • ‘Human beings debate and discuss ideas, constructing arguments, drawing on past experiences and imagining future possibilities, in order to change the opinions of others.’
    • ‘Even our top leaders are guilty of such unnecessary qualification, which clearly does not draw on past experience.’
    • ‘The idea is that our subconscious minds are constantly processing all sorts of information and drawing on our past experience, so that in many cases snap decisions turn out to be correct ones.’
    • ‘Looking for a spark, head coach Mike Mularkey is drawing on past experience.’
    • ‘Whether you needed some time alone or preferred having someone nearby, you can draw on your past experiences to plan ahead.’
    • ‘They draw on memories of past experience when in pain, and this leads to thinking and behaviour, which is the result of those experiences.’
    • ‘As a result of pooling expertise and drawing on experience from past programmes, we can see that no two areas are the same in terms of rural development.’
    • ‘The editor suggests sources and resources to the writer, draws on personal experience and knowledge to widen the reach of the reporting and research.’
    • ‘We draw on ideas, experiences and talents from the community, and create shows and present them back to the community.’
    • ‘Over the past few months he has been drawing on his remarkable experiences to become a motivational speaker, a role he uses to create a more positive image of disability in the workplace.’
    • ‘Is it possible, drawing on the experience of the past year, to identify the key components of a winning strategy against al-Qaeda?’
    • ‘Chang will draw on personal experience to discuss the tragic past of the world's fastest growing superpower.’
    • ‘It is linking into the skills that exist outside the college and drawing on people's experience from their work, both inside and outside the college.’
    • ‘He has a spectrum of talents and draws on a wide range of experiences and influences, exposures and environments.’
    • ‘The previous rulers often spent hours browsing through the volumes during times of great peril, drawing on the experiences of the past for answers.’
    call on, have recourse to, avail oneself of, turn to, look to, fall back on, rely on, make use of, exploit, use, employ, utilize, bring into play
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  • 2(of a period of time) pass by and approach its end.

    ‘he remembered sitting in silence with his grandmother as evening drew on’
    • ‘The afternoon came and went; night drew on; few cars passed; none stopped.’
    • ‘The evening drew on, the bats came out, and when the light faded to the point where I couldn't read another word, we repaired to the kitchen where I snapped on the lights.’
    • ‘She said research had shown that evenings were an area of weakness in York's tourism industry, with streets that were packed by day becoming empty as evening drew on.’
    • ‘Evening was drawing on and we were nearing the twilight zone, the night sacred to Shiva, between the waxing and waning moons, when time is arrested between past and future, when the mind is suspended in no-man's-land.’
    • ‘As the evening draws on, the place becomes a pulsating, frenzied dance area, with everyone shaking their carefully honed south beach tush.’
  • 3draw something on, draw on somethingPut an item of clothing on.

    • ‘he drew on his dressing gown’
  • 4draw on somethingSuck smoke from a cigarette or pipe.

    ‘she drew heavily on her cigarette’
    • ‘She lit a cigarette, her fingers brown from nicotine, and wheezed as she drew on the unfiltered smoke.’
    • ‘‘I loathe him,’ he said as he drew on a cigarette outside his office.’
    • ‘He drew on his cigarette dramatically, exhaling with an equally dramatic sigh.’
    • ‘She watched as he tilted his hat back on his head and drew on his cigarette.’
    • ‘Casually he stuck the incense in a brass bowl in front of a plastic Buddha, and drew on his cigarette.’
    • ‘‘It's going to be crazy,’ said Rob O'Rourke, sipping a pint of lager and drawing on a cigarette outside Paddy Foley's, the Irish bar he manages.’
    • ‘He sat opposite me, at a table on the riverside terrace of the ITV studios on London's South Bank, talking excitedly into my tape recorder, pausing only to draw on his cigarette.’
    • ‘You draw on it like a cigarette and nicotine passes into your mouth.’
    • ‘Farner draws on his cigarette, exhales, and spits.’
    • ‘He draws on his cigarette and looks out the kitchen window again.’
    • ‘As the Scottish actor draws on his cigarette in the vain hope it will warm him up, a passer-by stops to gaze at him.’
    • ‘Ben Menashe is drawing on another cigarette while simultaneously undressing before the eyes of the general public in the jockey's improvised changing room, a horse stall at the end of the parade ring.’
    • ‘But once the ban is in place, even filming an actor drawing on a cigarette will be against the law, since all enclosed public spaces - including film sets - are out of bounds.’
    • ‘True, I did not stand there, nonchalantly drawing on a cigarette’
    • ‘Shivering in the cold and drawing on a cigarette, she keeps a wary eye on any passers by.’
    • ‘She drew on her smoke and put it out in a plant pot at the twins' door then turned down the hallway and into her room.’
    • ‘She coughed after drawing on the smoke, and when she finished, Deidre became aware of her raspy breathing.’
    • ‘Eric frowned thoughtfully and drew on his pipe.’
    • ‘They shared a match, then each took a contented draw on his pipe.’
    • ‘Hands shaking, he took one from the pack and lit it, drawing on it deeply, letting the smoke fill his lungs.’
    puff on, draw on, pull on
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