Meaning of dray horse in English:

dray horse


  • A large, powerful horse used to pull heavy loads.

    ‘Hopkins, choosing the straitened life of a Jesuit, thought he must - and could - turn the thoroughbred that he was into a dray horse.’
    • ‘Yet despite all this there was an air of conservation, the odd glimpse of the Old World in a narrow dingy lane where a dray horse shifted his weight from one hock to the other, blinking lazy lashes above the nosebag containing his lunch.’
    • ‘She soon realised the truth in Guiseppe's words about the dray horse's plodding strength.’
    • ‘But his great size… neither dray horse nor destrier can account for it, unless my eyes deceive me.’
    • ‘At the back of the stable below, Ali could hear a single farrier at work, whistling quietly and thinly to himself as he shod a great, shaggy dray horse.’
    • ‘They were rare even in those days, and were bigger and stronger than any dray horse.’
    • ‘The special day will also include a ‘Parade of the Horse’, featuring different breeds such as thoroughbreds, dray horses and Shetland ponies.’
    • ‘Skibbereen Rowing Club members followed next and a matching pair of dray horses, from Trojan Heavy Horses, carried the rowers, Timmy Harnedy, Eugene and Richard Coakley to the celebrations.’
    • ‘Whitbread prices are averages; thus 1874 is for dray horses only, van horses bought that year costing £72 13s.’
    • ‘She says she is writing ‘a few memories of a 21st century grandma for her grandchildren’ and wonders if any Looking Back readers can help by loaning her pictures of the Magee's Brewery and one of dray horses being judged on May Day.’
    • ‘Prince Philip is to drive a pair of Wadworth dray horses through Devizes Market Place after royal protection officers gave the all-clear for the unusual journey.’
    • ‘Over 30 varieties of local brews were available for tasting and the crowd was kept entertained by a visit from the Wadworth Brewery dray horses giving rides on Saturday afternoon.’
    • ‘The Prince, who will be 83 next month, had earlier toured the brewery which is celebrating the 30th anniversary of the return of dray horses as part of the delivery fleet.’
    • ‘Fuller's Brewery is sponsoring the eighth London Pride Walk and one of the firm's dray horses called Pride, renowned for his ability to guzzle ale will once again be taking part.’
    • ‘‘They'll be some dray horses organised by the Duke of Clarence pub and some vintage cars will also be there,’ added Bernice.’
    • ‘There will be a town crier in attendance and Father Christmas, drawn by the Thwaites brewery dray horses, will make his way from Whitefriars car park to the Market Place.’
    • ‘Fuller's Brewery is sponsoring the 8th London Pride Walk and one of the firm's dray horses, called Pride, will once again be taking part.’
    • ‘Real ale and dray horses will be among the attractions at Bradford on Avon Rugby Club when it holds its first Beer Festival at the new clubhouse in Winsley next month.’
    • ‘For the current costs of brewery dray horses Truman Hanbury & Buxton's accounts permit calculation of their composition over the period 1837-64.’
    • ‘Charcot's diagnostic category was rooted in work done by veterinarians, such as Bouley and Rademacher, who observed similar alterations in the gait of dray horses.’