Meaning of dreamworld in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdriːmwəːld/

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  • A fantastic or idealized view of life.

    ‘somebody who can live in a romantic dreamworld’
    • ‘It was like the first sight of Venice: immediate transportation into a hallucinatory dreamworld.’
    • ‘I wouldn't be so enthused if it didn't look like a Hugh Ferris sketchbook come to life. It's a dreamworld Manhattan of the 30s, and I can't wait to spend 100 minutes there.’
    • ‘The further I sunk into that hole, the deeper I went into my dreamworld, until I felt as if I was suffocating, maybe drowning, and I tried to wake myself.’
    • ‘I wanted to be at the bottom level of a realistic internet market, not a dreamworld.’
    • ‘The SDLP is living in a dreamworld over its call for an unarmed police force in Northern Ireland, rank and file officers claimed yesterday.’
    • ‘I spend my life as a lawyer in the dreamworld that imagines that principles guide judicial decisions.’
    • ‘She or he is the turn-of-the-millennium Alice in Wonderland immersed in a dreamworld.’
    • ‘My arguments are flaky, and I'm a selfish hippy living in a dreamworld.’
    • ‘Watching the film is like experiencing an intense dreamworld through wide open eyes.’
    • ‘Drawing upon feminist analysis of pornography, the student argued that girls' bodies continue to be objectified in the guise of physical femme dominance, remaining on display for the dreamworlds of adolescent men.’
    • ‘By refiguring the ‘theory of the passions’ the book invites us to question the medium's capacity for projecting a dreamworld despite its vexed association with the past.’
    • ‘They can treat their time away as a temporary break from reality, like a dreamworld where whatever happened stayed in the dream, not following them into the realities of wakefulness.’
    • ‘The spectacle of the dreamworld of the modern inaugurates a posthuman moment, one in which the experience of the marvelous unfolds as both a utopian gesture and a catastrophe.’
    • ‘It was like I was in a dreamworld and nothing was real.’
    • ‘Unlike her Kansas predecessor, though, Monica hasn't quite shaken off her Technicolor dreamworld.’
    • ‘Soon enough all three were fast asleep, each drifting off in a dreamworld of their own.’
    • ‘Actually I should mention the dreamworld I was experiencing when I was living in Brooklyn.’
    • ‘He and Junior really are living in some sort of dreamworld where they apparently don't have to worry that their every previous public statement is noted and available for the whole world to see.’
    • ‘And those facts, combined with my own observations of the real world, always collided with my carefully constructed Marxist dreamworld.’
    • ‘So, not only are the truly needy in our society being forced to go hungry to pay for this selfish conservative dreamworld, but our kids as well.’