Meaning of dreich in English:


Pronunciation /driːx/


  • (especially of weather) dreary; bleak.

    ‘a cold, dreich early April day’
    • ‘So don't let your garden become dreary just because the weather is dreich.’
    • ‘It was February, the weather was dreich, but every so often the sun fought its way through and dazzled us, as did the view… it was sublime.’
    • ‘Scotland's dreich climate is sold as ‘interesting’ in one section of the brochure.’
    • ‘It is during these dreich, dreary days of winter that the overseas property sector starts warming itself up.’
    • ‘Maybe I really do miss the dreich November days in Scotland after all.’
    boring, monotonous, dull, deadly dull, uninteresting, unexciting, unvaried, unvarying, lacking variety, mind-numbing, mindless, soul-destroying, soulless, humdrum, dreary, ho-hum, mundane, wearisome, wearying, tiresome, soporific, dry, as dry as dust, arid, lifeless, colourless, monochrome, uninspired, uninspiring, flat, plodding, slow, banal, vapid, insipid, bland, lacklustre, prosaic, run-of-the-mill, pedestrian, jejune, leaden, heavy


Middle English (in the sense ‘patient, long-suffering’): of Germanic origin, corresponding to Old Norse drjúgr ‘enduring, lasting’.