Meaning of dress rehearsal in English:

dress rehearsal


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  • The final rehearsal of a live show, in which everything is done as it would be in a real performance.

    ‘In Act One the cast stop and start their way through their final technical / dress rehearsal.’
    • ‘This evening I'm off to the final dress rehearsal in advance of tomorrows grand finale.’
    • ‘Are they available for the dress rehearsal and performances?’
    • ‘The final dress rehearsal went smoothly the afternoon before the show.’
    • ‘This can be arranged through the career center and will be a valuable dress rehearsal for the real interview.’
    • ‘Other than that, not much work was done in terms of rehearsals, particularly the dress rehearsal.’
    • ‘Guards with metal detectors checked out guests entering both the dress rehearsal and the live broadcast.’
    • ‘So the final dress rehearsal passed without any major mishaps.’
    • ‘It feels like every gig I've ever been to up to this point has been a mere dress rehearsal for the real thing.’
    • ‘It is common for a public audience to be invited to the final dress rehearsal of an opera.’
    • ‘The final dress rehearsal for Friday night's Olympic opening ceremony was held this evening.’
    • ‘And I'll admit, that final dress rehearsal triggered every emotion in my body.’
    • ‘We got into costume and had a bit of a dress rehearsal before going onstage at 8pm for the first-round song.’
    • ‘Depending on the circumstances, the celebrity and their styling team will have a full dress rehearsal to make sure that everything works well together.’
    • ‘Step four involves creating in your mind an imaginary dress rehearsal that includes calm, confident feelings and a peak performance.’
    • ‘Rehearsals have been going on for a number of weeks and there will be a final, four-hour dress rehearsal on Tuesday.’
    • ‘Oddly enough I have no recollection of the evening of the performance, only of the dress rehearsal, in which hardly any of the 40-odd characters knew their lines, or what was going on.’
    • ‘We're putting the finishing touches on everything, preparing for our dress rehearsal April 9th.’
    • ‘Indeed, at the dress rehearsal she had given an understated yet intense performance (I was watching her eyes).’
    • ‘There will be an open dress rehearsal on March 3 and performances on March 4 and 5.’