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dressing room


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  • 1A room in which actors or sports players change clothes before and after their performance or game.

    ‘I've been in dressing rooms with players who had no knowledge of football.’
    • ‘There will be an uneasiness in the dressing room and players will wonder what will happen on the training field.’
    • ‘There is talk of a rift in the dressing room between the older players and some of the younger members of the squad.’
    • ‘He only loses his temper in the dressing room when our performances are letting him, and ourselves, down.’
    • ‘But lately the talk has been of dressing room splits and players not pulling their weight.’
    • ‘He said the inspection would include the pitch, dressing rooms, doping control rooms and the Press centres.’
    • ‘I have a lot of respect in the dressing room and my team-mates know what happened.’
    • ‘Sarah cleaned up the dressing rooms, green room, and shut off the lights and power after everyone had left.’
    • ‘Assigned their own cells on the ward, which doubled as dressing rooms, the actors soon got into the spirit of the thing.’
    • ‘This event will raise vital funds for the re-development of the sports hall and dressing rooms and is worthy of everyone's support.’
    • ‘He told the players he was resigning in the dressing room after the match and then left straight away.’
    • ‘The players return to the dressing room and the covers come out as the rain begins to fall.’
    • ‘Going in to dressing rooms after big games is an awkward pursuit no matter what the result of the game.’
    • ‘As we are led backstage, we see dressing rooms that might be private cabins.’
    • ‘A year ago, during half-time in a game against Leeds, he collapsed in the dressing room.’
    • ‘That level of knowledge about the game and your opposition gets you instant respect in the dressing room.’
    • ‘The biggest problem in those games is not the journey or the dressing room.’
    • ‘He knows the remaining players and his appointment will go down well in the dressing room.’
    • ‘There were a lot of players very quiet in the dressing room after we'd heard the news.’
    • ‘After the game the dressing room stayed closed and frustrations were vented.’
    1. 1.1A small room attached to a bedroom, used for dressing in and to store clothes.
      ‘There are four bedrooms, two dressing rooms and two bathrooms on the first floor.’
      • ‘She described the mid-19th century house as having four good rooms downstairs and five bedrooms and two dressing rooms above.’
      • ‘It turned out to be the part of the wall that was once a doorway, between a dressing room and a bedroom.’
      • ‘I turned away from him and started walking to the back of the store, towards the dressing rooms, picking up items along the way.’
      • ‘The first floor included eight bedrooms, three dressing rooms and two bathrooms.’
      • ‘The bedrooms are linked to the bathrooms, dressing rooms, libraries and anterooms.’
      • ‘On the first floor, the house has a master bedroom suite which includes a dressing room and adjoining spa bathroom.’
      • ‘The restoration from 1983 of bedrooms and dressing rooms to their historic appearance began to demand appropriate furnishings.’
      • ‘It has a private balcony and there is a dressing room off the master bedroom.’
      • ‘The main bedroom has a large bay window, his and hers dressing rooms and a bathroom with bath, double shower and twin wash-hand basins.’
      • ‘One was intended as bedroom and dressing room space and one as living, staff and service-room space.’
      • ‘We searched through the store and ran to the dressing rooms.’
      • ‘The two immediately made a beeline for the dressing rooms without a second glance at anything else in the store.’
      • ‘We sat Seth down in a chair outside the dressing rooms in the back of the store, and took turns modeling for him.’
      boudoir, bedchamber, chamber, bedroom, dressing room, room