Meaning of dripstone in English:



  • 1Architecture
    A moulding over a door or window which deflects rain.

    • ‘Exterior features of the house are a steeply pitched roof, large gables and architectural details such as the ornamental dripstones above the windows.’
    • ‘An inspection of this end shows it to be pierced by three plain lancet windows with no dripstone.’
    • ‘The upper stage is relieved by a pointed window, of two lights, on each side, the dripstone of each terminating in heads.’
  • 2Geology
    mass noun Rock deposited by precipitation from dripping water, such as that which forms stalactites and stalagmites.

    • ‘The designs on the lower part of the structure are somewhat formal, but the upper part is a free-form mix of geodes, dripstone, and what appear to be inverted stalactites.’
    • ‘This is the start of the area known as the Cones, a unique group of rock formations the origin of which is hotly debated, as they do not seem to be associated with conventional dripstone.’
    • ‘Where the deposition of calcite is concentrated along cracks, calcite is deposited as flowstone, or dripstone.’
    • ‘Features like this are found in caves, where they take the general name of dripstone.’