Meaning of driveline in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdrʌɪvlʌɪn/

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another term for drivetrain
‘The subroutine will bring in our know-how on vehicle drivelines, or transmissions, or crankshafts, for example, and provide an interface to give our customers a tool they can use.’
  • ‘The supplier specializes in transmissions and drivelines.’
  • ‘The Prius has no clutch or torque converter, and the driveline does not have a transmission to send torque to the drive wheels.’
  • ‘This information can be archived, and compared with vehicle drivelines and powertrains from target vehicles if desired.’
  • ‘Silencing noise and vibration harshness in the driveline is becoming more and more important as consumers demand increasingly greater comfort and performance levels in their vehicles.’
  • ‘For stability the welded steel sub-frame is double-isolated from the driveline, and the L-shaped lower control arm incorporates a liquid-filled bushing for added isolation.’
  • ‘As long as the front wheels don't slip, the rear half of the driveline is merely along for the ride.’
  • ‘All the world's automakers are trying to develop unibody platforms that can molded to fit different body styles and drivelines.’
  • ‘After 300 minutes from the start of the assembly process, the marriage train is placed under the body and the driveline connected to it.’
  • ‘It will be a modern muscle car, with the driveline that Chevy's done right since 1955, but hopefully with better styling and build quality.’
  • ‘Laser welding is used in the driveline tunnel area.’
  • ‘Some driveline shunt however, can upset serene progress.’
  • ‘Two additional hydroformed tubes define the bottom corners of the driveline tunnel.’
  • ‘For the type of work we do, that ratio saves on clutches and drivelines.’
  • ‘The H-layout of the driveline allows a very low height, with the power being transmitted to the wheels via angular and wheel gears.’
  • ‘The driveline passes through the skin and attaches to the power base unit, which consists of a system controller and batteries.’
  • ‘The rear driveline was dug in, so the front spun.’
  • ‘That is, the tank is split into two volumes joined by an inverted ‘U’ that clears the exhaust system or driveline.’
  • ‘In addition to offering smoother starts and stops, the hydrostatic system minimizes wheel spin and causes less stress on the driveline components.’
  • ‘A vehicle stability control is also part of the overall driveline system.’